Who was this man called JOB?
How much of God did he DOWNLOAD into his SPIRIT that after all the afflictions and mockery from both his wife and friends
Still he could stand and firmly say:
Job 13:15 “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him…”

At that point, any man who can dare FIRMLY and CONFIDENTLY say such words, is a man who has done REAL BUSINESS with an IMMORTAL
A man who has downloaded not a little measure of a SUPERNATURAL BEING into his Spirit
A time comes in a man’s life when how much money he has means nothing neither how much he prayed and fasted does.

What guarantees his OVERCOMING at that point is how much of an IMMORTAL BEING he carry
That’s why if you want to carry God, sir, you must never carry a small measure of Him
At the time of those afflictions, the person who said “THOUGH HE SLAY ME, YET I WILL TRUST IN HIM” wasn’t Job as a MAN but it was Job as a SPIRIT

It takes men who have TRANSFORMED into a SPIRIT to OVERCOME some life’s CONFRONTATIONS
How much of God do you carry??
You are there crying and shouting for anointing everyday, why someone just stays in the secret place, worshipping and loving God each day
You both might be MINISTERS but the Measure of God you both carry will always be DIFFERENT
Bro, Learn to STAY and FELLOWSHIP with GOD rather than always praying for FIRE
There is a dimension of God that only GENUINE LOVERS of God can carry
Can we press some more.

©Dave Kwazer

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