Until You Are Verbally Committed !


See, Until Anyone VERBALLY Commits To Being In A Relationship With You, Please, You’re Single.
This guy was complaining bitterly about being heartbroken by a lady he so much loved. Apparently, they worked in the same company, and were very good friends, until she decided to resign and “left him hanging.”

According to him, he thought they were in a relationship, as they talked every other day and did almost everything together, not until she decided to leave just like that. He was genuinely heartbroken.
As funny as this might sound, there are a lot of people who actually “think” they’re in a relationship with people who see them as ‘just friends’.
And honestly, this has to stop. Please listen:

Showing you kind acts doesn’t translate to being in a relationship.

Late night talks don’t translate to being in a relationship.

Giving you attention, telling you secrets, doing stuff together don’t automatically translate to being in a relationship.

A genuine relationship starts the day you verbally agree to commit. It’s not something that’s done in the mind.
Please, become responsible for your heart & emotions, if you think a person is leading you on by being all nice but has refused to speak up about committing to you, it’ll be in your best interest to refuse to be led on. ASK QUESTIONS before you start to catch feelings.

No, it’s not you being too forward, it’s just wisdom. I know you enjoy the time and attention you get from them, but what’s the point if it is going to be short-lived?
You deserve someone that’ll choose you both in words and with their action, not someone who’s not sure.

That “someone” really does exist.
Till you commit, you’re either IN a relationship with someone or you’re NOT. There’s no such thing as “we’re just flowing.” It’s not swimming lessons please.
Relationships don’t run on vibes, it runs on commitment. Y’all be safe out there.

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