“Marrying A Beautiful Wife Is Good But Marrying A Praying Wife Is Better” – Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson and Dr Lizzy Suleman
Apostle Johnson and Dr Lizzy Suleman

One time, when I got married. My wife likes new things. If my wife should want anything, it has to be brand new, she doesn’t like anything they have used. And me, I used to like tokunbo cars..
My first car tokunbo
Second car tokunbo
My wife will look at the car and say it’s fine but I like what is new.
I became angry.. car is car, so long it can carry you.

One time, we were driving, my wife looked at a car, it was a brand new corolla. My wife said that car is fine and new.
I did not have money for brand new car. I went to ask for the cost of that particular car, I was told 4 million because I wanted to surprise her… I said God forbid, what am I doing with 4 million naira car. A year later, I went to ask for cost of same car, I was told is now 6million…. haaaaa!
One day, I sat on my own, somebody walked up to me from Portharcourt and brought a key and it was a car. I peep outside, it was that particular car… brand new!

When I got home, I called my wife.. come here, what is wrong with you? When she came, I gave her the car key, she was shocked, then she asked if I bought it? I said no, I got it. She said my husband how? Brand new!
When it goes hard for the world, it goes soft for the church. The darker your night, the brighter your light. For the path of the just is like a shining light..
You want the best.. Jesus must be involved.

See men, Nothing hurts a woman like betrayal and rejection.
Every woman likes to be appreciated. When your wife dresses up and you don’t compliment her and she passes you, is like you killed her.
Every woman loves to be appreciated, to be told you look good, to be told you look wonderful. There are some men, I don’t know the force that is fighting their mouth and you think they are quiet, they are not quiet.

To appreciate their wife is like a cancer of the mouth. Anytime the woman appears to dress well, instead for them to open their mouth to say; Wow, you look nice is a problem but they can complain about character, they can complain about fault. Any mistake she make, they can complain but they have never complimented her.

How can you complain on whom you have never complimented?
You have never told her; You look wonderful… No, there is no time you have told your wife that her food is good but you can complain about pepper, you can complain about salt, you can complain about excess magi, you can complain on all kind of things…
In fact, if some even complain, it is better but there are some that will embarrass you…
Men, learn to appreciate your wives.

What defines beauty in a woman differs and what attracts a man to a woman is personal. The perception of beauty is subjective – what one person finds beautiful another may not.
It is a cliché to say that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but it’s still the truth.

Marrying a beautiful wife is good but marrying a praying wife is better who stands as the fulcrum of the home and the ministry.
What attracted me to my wife was not her physical beauty but her ability to pray. We were neighbours. Where she was staying was close to my father’s house.

I went to her place one day and met her praying and i decided to wait for her to finish praying. At the time i got there she had been praying for the past two hours and she continued praying for more hours making it about 6 hours of immense prayers.
I immediately told myself “I have seen a wife”.

In the Bible, Esther was not only a beautiful Queen, but she was also a praying Queen
The difference is clear. The same should be said of the man and not just the woman.

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