The misorientation around spiritual exercises like FASTING AND PRAYERS has caused alot of damage to the spiritual lives of many.
I get alot messages where people say; “Sir I am fustrated; I’VE PRAYED AND FASTED AND NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK IN BUSINESS, SCHOOL, CAREER ETC”.
This is causing many to just hang their hopes on a pattern or a spiritual exercise like FASTING with the sole aim of just getting from God, thereby abusing the most important reason for it.

It is expedient that we understand the role of FASTS in the body of christ, so you don’t go crying that you FASTED and nothing happened.
SOMETIMES what halts our results or causes delay are misorientations or wrong intentions when it comes to spiritual matters.
The primary Reason for FASTING isn’t just to get from God or make God consider you in a sort of way.
The main reason is for the Rejuvenation of your spirit man; Helping it find the best posture in christ for the fervency of your destiny and not anything else.

Fasting and prayer are a necessity for Christians, to enable them to seek the face of God wholly. We deny our carnal nature in order to fulfill the desires of God. What He wills for our lives can be found through fasting and prayers.

Some Biblical Examples and Purposes of Fasting
• Jesus fasted to acknowledge His dependence and to gain spiritual strength through reliance on the Holy Spirit and God’s Word. He did this before He began His public ministry (Luke 4:1-2).
• Nehemiah fasted for confession, repentance and favor in the sight of the king to get permission to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 1:4).
• David humbled himself, asking God to intervene because of injustice (Psalm 35:13). In 2 Samuel 12:17-23, he fasted for healing and miraculous intervention.
• Mordecai and the Jews fasted upon hearing the news of Haman’s wicked plot for their extermination (Esther 4:3).
• The early church fasted while worshiping and committing their ministry to the Lord. They also sought the Lord through fasting for guidance and confirmation during the appointment of elders (Acts 13:2, 14:23).

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