“WE WILL SEE YOUR END YOU WILL NOT SEE OUR END”-Dr Pastor Enenche addresses the ‘Goliaths of Nigeria’

Dr Pastor Enenche
Dr Pastor Enenche

The Goliath of death in Nigeria, the Goliath of bloodshed in your family, the Goliath of scarcity and shortage, the Goliath of premature death, the Goliath of frustration, tonight shall be the obituary of those Goliaths.

What is the agenda of Goliath?
Goliath is a blood sucking demon and Goliath is not just an entity, he’s not just a personality, Goliath is a principle, Goliath is a phenomenon, Goliath is a situation. The wastage of life, the wastage of destiny. Bloodshed, “Bring me a man and I’ll kill him. Goliath is a killer and we have the Goliaths and Goliaths situation in in our nation today. Call them terrorists, call them kidnappers, call them killers, call them bandits, call them many names, sponsored by their demonic bigger Goliaths.

If the Goliath of the Bible fell, the Goliaths of our nation shall fall tonight, the Goliath in your family shall fall tonight. Every blood sucking altar, anywhere they’re located, whether it is in the Aso Rock Villa or it is in the North, wherever the blood sucking altars are located, sucking blood of human beings tonight they are catching fire.

The last time the devil wasted lives in your territory shall be the last forever. Goliaths agenda is the wastage of lives and destinies so there is crying everyday from Enugu to Kaduna to Niger to Benue to Borno to Yobe to Zamfara to everywhere. Goliath wants blood to flow but his blood will flow tonight.
Goliath represents national or generational captivity and enslavement.
Goliath is out to enslave the nation. Goliath is out to enslave a family. Goliath is out to enslave lives saying “If I defeat him you will become our servants, you will become our slaves”.
There are a people in this country who think that a particular group of people are a slave to them. They’ve failed. They’ve failed a thousand times. Goliath is out for enslavement, is out for captivity.

There are those who want to enslave your life, enslave your destiny, enslave your family. I am anointed as an axe, a battle axe tonight to demolish those demonic Goliaths of enslavement.
Whatever makes one tribe think that they are superior to another is demonic. It’s a demonic error. Psychosomatic disorder, madness of the highest level. Whatever makes any religion think they can supress another is insanity from the pit of hell and that insanity shall return back to where it came from.

Whatever makes any region think that they are superior to another region is madness and that insanity shall end the way mad dogs end.
Goliath is enslavement, Goliath is captivity, Goliath is subjugation. Goliath is the subjection of one group of people by another group of people. I stand here anointed by the fire, the mantle of God and I say today Goliaths shall not survive in our nation, Goliaths shall not survive in your family. Goliaths shall not survive in your community. If you’re saying amen shout it like a believer.
Before this message is over I want you to get angry.

National and generational reproach, Shame, disgrace. Ignominy. Goliath is out to undermine the dignity of a people. Goliath is out to undermine the greatness of a people.
Goliath said “I defy you, I defy the armies of Israel, I disgrace you, I reproach you, I shame you. If you’re a man fight me”. What level of shame have certain group of people brought on this nation. Shame shame shame shame shame.

One leader was crying out and somebody called him and said “Are you not part of the leadership? Why are you crying out? “He said I’m helpless”. “But you’re part of authority now. Are you not the determinant of security in the land? So what are you talking about? He said “I’m helpless”. Shame.
A great nation reduced to a pauper nation. Global headquarter of poverty. They travel outside the country for medical treatment, travel to go and enjoy themselves in Dubai and there is no shame in their head, no shame. You see good things outside, you can’t bring it home. They travel to America, to London, to Paris, they travel everywhere. They are enjoying good security there, they’re enjoying good order there, they’re enjoying good traffic there. Everything is working there then they return back home as if they’re crazy. Only a mad man can watch his house in disorder, clothes scattered, everything scattered and he considers it normal.

Shame. The shame that they have decided to bring on the land.
Somebody came from America to come and bury his father at home, they kidnapped him in Nigeria. Somebody came from the United Kingdom with his wife and children and then they kidnapped wife and children until they vowed, they will never near Nigeria till they die and they’re citizens. They will never near here again till the die. They carried the little girl and naked her first. She was screaming to father and mother, nobody could help her. Wicked people. They said to the man “Make a choice, can we rape you or rape your wife? He said “this is a cursed country”. He said “don’t bring my dead body here”. He said “I have no business with a useless country like this”. Your offence is that you visited your country. To the point when you want to call yourself a Nigerian in some places you’re ashamed.
They’re watching everything happening and going wrong and they’re are still seated there watching.
One of the first times I traveled out, I went to Singapore. The question I asked myself is “Do our people come to this place? They see things working. The very very useless thing is that they go and buy houses there, they live there, do holidays there. No brain to say do everything to make sure home is like this.

You know iniquity corrupts mentality and many of them are consultants of familiar spirits and shrines and all that and those who follow idols are always dull, very very dull. Brain is not working but I announce to somebody here, I announce to our nation, I announce to someone hearing here tonight every Goliath of shame, Goliath of disgrace, Goliath of ignominy in our land, in our lives, in our families, tonight they shall collapse.

National and generational dread, terror and fear.
Keep the whole land in terror. The climate of fear, the climate of anxiety, the climate of uncertainty, the climate of distress.
1st Samuel 17:11
Men became women, women became children, children became… I don’t know. That is what the devil wants to turn this country into. That is people are moving, they’re not sure.
Somebody got to wed in a state and on his way back with his bride they captured them. That is their honeymoon, in captivity. Terror, dread. Am I communicating at all here?
That is the realm of satan the devil but we decree that we shall not live in our land in fear.
Every Goliath of terror, every Goliath of dread, every Goliath of anxiety, every Goliath of dismay in our nation shall die tonight. ..Is God speaking to somebody here?

A soldier met me, he said he had fought in the North East before, he had returned back and the condition he met there, they’re still sending him back again. He wants to resign. He said “I don’t want to waste my life like that. He said “I can’t waste my life anymore”. He said the situation is terrible. He said the last one I just escaped with the skin on my teeth. Ambush in front, ambush behind, calling for re-Inforcement no reply. Am I communicating?
If a man holding gun is afraid, a man trained to fight is now afraid to stand in the fight what about normal people? Not one, not two, they’re plenty.

Listen to me today. There is a God in Heaven and that God is going to give us victory.
Terror shall not swallow our land.
Disgrace and reproach to the name of God. That is the enemy saying where is their God?
How can Nigeria have the largest Christian gathering in the world and yet is almost like the headquarter of terrorism? The fourth deadliest terrorist group in the world is now set to be in Nigeria. At the same time it is the headquarter of the Holy Ghost Congress where millions gather, the headquarter of Shiloh Winners Chapel where people gather in mass, site of The Glory Dome considered to be one of the biggest Church buildings in the world. Yet in that climate among others, the devil said, where is their God? That devil will see our God. In this season the devil will see your God.

The confrontation of divine authority and power. Beside trying to reproach the name of God, Goliath is daring the power of God because because when Goliath spoke, an Israelite said “this uncircumcised Philistine is defying the armies of Israel”, David said “It’s not the armies of Israel but the armies of the Living God”. You people can’t see beyond yourselves? What this man is daring is not you, but your God. To take it’s fury when Goliath met David, he took the battle from the physical into the Spiritual. With all his weapon in
1st Samuel 17:43
He cursed David by his gods.
In other words this is God versus god, small small g god trying to contend with big letter G God. Supernatural versus supernatural, altar against altar and if two altars jam the lesser altar must bow, the altar that is smaller must bow. Somebody shout power.

You thought that some of these people are using just physical boldness and physical weapons? No. They went to their altars and occultic shrines. I believe the only faith in the world where people don’t use other things to support themselves apart from God in Heaven, others, native doctors and them are the same, even worse.
We heard of some of these terrorism groups that will go to a school, kill everybody and drain their blood inside a keg for what purpose? What has that got to do with what they were there for? It’s because that blood need to service the altar, the blood sucking altar that sent them. Am I communicating?
When you see some people in the physical daring you there are powers that are behind that daring. A giant is fighting a small boy yet he is calling his god. A boy he can kill, he can finish naturally, because the battle is supernatural. Am I communicating? The altar of terrorism in Nigeria is catching fire right now.
What is our weapon in this fight?
The refusal to fear. Fear is a weapon of mass destruction. Job said “The things I greatly feared is come upon me”. David told his kinsmen in
1st Samuel 17:32
Don’t let fear overwhelm you. If you allow your heart to faint then you’re gone.

Philippians 1:27-28
Don’t let killers frighten you, don’t let terror terrify you. That passage means your fearlessness commits God to their destruction and commits Him to your preservation.
This fearlessness is proof positive that they shall be wasted and you shall be preserved.
Wake up, hit the road. Take the communion, make the declarations and be on your way. The roaring lion may be roaring. The Bible says “he is seeking whom he may devour”. That means not everybody is devourable. Whom he may devour.

Strength from previous divine intervention and deliverance.
We draw strength from previous divine intervention and deliverance. Strength. David said “The God who delivered me from the lion and the bear that God has not died”.
1st Samuel 17:35-36
Nigeria has been at junctions of confusion before and God delivered us. There was a man who sat somewhere overnight and slept and could not wake up. I’m sure you know the man. He was a heavy man. What he was ready to do before God touched him you can’t imagine it. What he was ready to do before God took him out. Big Churches in the country were already marked including on Lagos-Ibadan Express road. Jehovah said “On your mark, get set and report to eternity”.

There was a president who was sick. The country was in a limbo. We didn’t know who was in charge, confusion was everywhere. People wanted to take advantage of that season to do terrible things. Jehovah stepped in and said I sum the matter. He has done it before.
Listen to this, you remember the testimony of that young man, they lined them up with Ak 47, they carried them, Barkin Ladi Polytechnic. The mother is a widow in this Church and the guns failed. The man came here to testify. A week later the head of the gang came to meet him and said “What power do you use? Can you introduce me to that power? He said ” He’s Jesus Christ”. He said “I’m interested because since that day the guns have not worked. Not only could we not fire you, we couldn’t fire anybody anymore”. Shortly after that they escorted them from the land of the living, deleted. Are you following what I’m saying here today?

Another one on Ore-Benin Express was kidnapped inside the bush.
“You are always there to help
You are always there to help me
Even when no one else was there
You were always there for me
Even when I can’t see You
Even when I cannot trace You
I still have faith in Your Word
That you’re always there for me”.
She was singing. Her head was down. She lifted it up, next thing she found herself sitting on the express way beside military checkpoint. Testified on this altar.

We have heard many of such. Everytime the devil tells you how terrible things are charge up your faith with what has happened before, with what God has done before, both in your life and in the life of this assembly and if He can do it before, He can do it again, if He can do it for one He can do it for another. Can somebody shout the loudest amen.
Strength from the Covenant. Abrahamic Covenant. The new Covenant that was rectified by the Blood of Jesus on Calvary, “He suffered no man to do them wrong, He rebuked kings for their sake saying touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm”. “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine, uncircumcised means no Covenant. How can somebody who doesn’t have a Covenant with the Living God determine my existence on earth? How can someone who is taking the oxygen of my God deprive me of mine?

Strength from the Covenant.
Stones from the Brook. What are these stones? They’re revelations. What are these stones? They’re insight that you receive from the Holy Ghost. Someone say amen. The Brook represents the Spirit of God. The Stone represents light from Scripture. Jesus is the Living Stone.
Isaiah speaking about Him said “Behold I lay in Zion for a foundation, a dried Stone, a precious corner Stone.
Isaiah 28:16
Peter said that Jesus is that corner Stone. A sure foundation. Who is Jesus?
John 1:1
Step into the Holy Spirit and locate Stones. Gather light from Scripture and fire it at the devil.
I shared something with our pastors yesterday morning from
Isaiah 27:2-3

It is the Church that Jesus sanctified with His Blood and we take that red wine every Wednesday, midweek service. When the enemy comes like a flood say hey, when the enemy say hey, you say hey hey, when he says hey hey you say hey hey hey, when he says hey hey hey you you say hey hey hey hey hey hey.
One of our pastors said somebody sent him a text and the person told him he is a killer and that they have given him assignment to kill him. He said what shall he do. I gave him the passage
Genesis 35:5
I said you’re not pursuable
I gave him
Leviticus 26:6
I gave him
Psalms 105:1-15
I gave him
1st Peter 3:13
I gave him
Philippians 1:28
After he saw the Scriptures he calmed down. If the man text you again reply him in tongues.
The name the man called himself was a wicked name. By the time he finished with the man, that was the last.

One of our sisters here, she’s here in this service right now, somebody said they have given me the contract to wipe you and your family out. I told her to pray in tongues and text the tongues. There are things that can make people run mad first. He texted back and said “Madam I think I must have the wrong number”. Read it now. Read it and interpret it. If your mind is normal I’m not of God. Is God speaking
The name of the Lord of Host. 1st Samuel 17:45
There is an anointing on that name. When the name is invoked an anointing is released and we shall call the name tonight.
Bold, Authoritative Faith Declarations.
No matter what happens never agree that you can be wasted. Deciding the outcome of the battle before you even fight it.

1st Samuel 17:46
Somebody say amen. Listen the people of evil in our land, they shall not see our end but we shall see their end. The forces of whichcraft, the altars of your father’s house, they will not see your end. You will see their end. All those who want this nation destroyed, they will not see the end of the nation, the nation will see their end.
The plans of God can never be at the hands of the wicked. He says He will take them in their craftiness, He will take them by surprise, He will come from an angle they will not understand. He will visit them from above and visit them from the side and visit them from beneath. Their resting place shall become their battle ground.

The place were they thought was the place of their rest shall become the place of their war. Kinsmen shall fight kinsmen, friends shall fight friends, sword shall be turned against each other until they know that the most high rules in the affairs of men and giveth the nations of the earth to whom He will. He says a mystery shall come upon them, a mystery that is too strong for them to understand.
As they have mobilised forces against this nation, as they have mobilised nations against this nation, He will mobile forces against them and their memory shall be deleted from the land of the living.
Listen to this
Isaiah 31:1
God is arising against the house of the evil doers and against the help of them that walk in iniquity. The mercenaries, the people they hired to kill this nation are not God and their horses flesh and not spirit. When the Lord shall stretch out His hand, both he that is helping them and he that is being helped shall fall down together.
I didn’t come here with this passage, it came out of that tongues now. Look at it. Both those they gave weapon “Go and finish them”, and those who keep them, they shall fall down together, they shall fail together.
The Lord of Host shall come down to fight for Nigeria.

He says when a lion is tearing flesh, scream at him, he won’t move, He said that is how Jehovah will descend. The Lord of Host will come down to fight on Mount Zion the Church in Nigeria. As the Birds fly so will the Lord of Host defend Nigeria and defending also, He will deliver it and passing over her He will preserve it.
Lift your hands and give Him all the praise.
He is going to use angelic forces, He’s going to use physical flights.

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