We all have dreams, visions, wishes and desires but the results of our dreams or visions depends how much effort we put into achieving them.
While some others work hard to achieve their goals others settle for anything they can lay their hands on! But why settle for less when you deserve the best?
I know all fingers are not equal but you must not have the shortest of them all, why do you have to be the poorest, why do you have to be the dullest?

You deserve love, happiness, peace, to be heard and to be a priority but a lot of us have settled for less, we are comfortable with pain, poverty, toxic relationships and lack of growth!
There is no point in life where you stop learning or growing, but daily we strive to be better and bigger in every aspect of our life.

You got a degree and you relaxed, why settle for less when you can do better. You study for 30 minutes, do not settle for less try to do better next time, you pray for 10 minutes do not settle for less when you can do better.
You won a soul and you feel fulfilled, why settle for less when you can do better!
You deserve to be a priority, you deserve to be loved, you deserve to be happy, get out of your shell, leave that toxic relationship, stay around those who truly love you, get closer to God, stop being comfortable with mediocrity!

Many people believe if they reach a level, pray for hours, earn some thousands, live in a comfortable home, drive a good car, married with kids then they are fulfilled and living the best life but this is me saying there is more in God than what we see!
There is more God wants to do through us and for us, this is why it is important we discover purpose and work in what God has created us for.
God wants us to do better, He wants us to grow, He wants us to mount on eagle’s wings and sit with Kings!
You cannot remain in that spot forever, you need to move! Move! Move!

Do not settle for any one because you are in a hurry to get married, do not settle for less because you are in a rush, relax the best is yet to come!

There is more in Jesus, more than you ever imagine, greater things you will achieve if you hold onto God’s word. Before you feel there’s nothing much for you don’t forget every man was created for a purpose and a reason including YOU!

I hope this blesses you, drop a comment of love

©With Love, The journey of A Christian Lady

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