Why do I look so thin? Why am I fat? Why do I have a round face? We even go ahead to blame God for not making finishing touches. Haba
Everyone of us may have faced insecurities especially during our teenage age, you know that’s the time when everything is falling in place, your hips, height, face etc
Then, you begin to look at other girls and boys in your class. Why do they look better? You look down on your own self, not accepting you are beautiful and special maybe because of certain flaws you have.

Pimples was like a heartbreak
I had a very oily face, pimples, acne, pores! I felt ugly even though the pimples wasn’t much but seeing one or two freaked me out! I had to ask “Why me”
I was very slim, you could see my bones, my legs were like sticks and every one mocked me and it made me less confident or myself. I was insecure!
It was hard for me to gain confidence, aside knowing my identity in God it took me so much time to accept who I was, decide to work on who I am to become who I want to be and today I am grateful for where I am!
If you are concerned about what people would say about your face, eyes lips, mouth please be ready because people must always talk, they must always have something to say! Oh, see your big eyes. Why don’t you do some workout…

So if you decide to depend on their words, friend they will be no confident you!
I watched a video of a blind chef, how can a person who cannot see cook, did she think about the knife, hot pots, fire that could get her injured but she was confident enough to take so much risk to get to where she is today!
You need confidence, I am actually using the picture of someone who is concerned about helping people become confident, Mmesoma Ilechukwu she grooms timid people and is ready to help you know who you are in Christ!
I told my sister this: A talented person can’t do much if he/she is not confident but one without talent can still gain something with confidence. Imagine being talented and confident? KPK
So what are you waiting for? Let’s see the steps et more to enjoy this confidence and never be insecure again.

1)Accept Jesus and know your identity as a believer.

2)Accept yourself, whether you are fat or slim, short or tall no matter what, just accept who God made you to be but if you can please, eat healthy and do exercises to remain fit.

3)Stay around people who love and believe in you, nothing can be compared to that.

4)Do what you love or what ever you are gifted and talented to do.

5)Show love to yourself, buy things you want and can afford. Please drink enough water. Lol.

6) Pray and study. It is a self care technique.

7) Don’t give up on your goals, keep working, keep striving. Study. Learn. Read books.

8)Trust God, if you know who your father is you will never look down on His child! If only you know what God can do. Let me off my mic.

9)Determine to be the one that will take the kingdom of God everywhere. If you start evangelism, you will become confident.

10)Keep high standards, don’t let anyone talk you down, don’t let people misuse you. Don’t joke with your dignity. You are worth more.

I know someone would want to share his/her experience and also steps to become confident, please I am getting my note pad now, I want to learn o! I am waiting for our comments
Blessed? I guess you want to share this, please don’t hesitate!

©With Love, The journey of A Christian Lady

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