Any man that can’t PRAY…you’re not a part of the Move of God
The reason why we PRAY in tongues for long is so that the LION in us will Arise
When you shutout distractions you’ll travel DEEP

The sustainability of a Kingdom is dependent on the strength of her Young People
Responsibilities in the Kingdom are handled by the Young Men
But the Young Men who have strength have become wasters of strength
The Young men waste their strength on things that are of no kingdom Value.

In the Kingdom children are born, but sons are made…They’re are made at the Backside of the wilderness
If the Holy Ghost run a scan on our heart, it’s like a play ground for demons
The Day of the Lord is the day of Sons…If you’re still living in sin you’re still a child, and the Father won’t commit important matters into your hands

Revival services don’t have closing time, if time is your problem, God bless you, you can go.
I came to speak to your territory, but i need to get DRUNK before i Speak
Talking to the Choir; “You can’t sing until you’re drunk, we don’t need VOICES in the day of Revival, what we need is SOUND.

When God calls you, it’s a privilege, He doesn’t need you
What God did in six days, Man has not been able to do in six thousand years
REVIVAL begins with National Repentance…A generation of sinners can never steward Revival
REVIVAL is not PACKAGING….it’s not about good English
The Insurance Policy of REVIVAL is a Flawless Character.

When God wants to give you the power to take a territory, He’ll first bridle your tongue
You’ll need to be Flawless in Character because when the Anointing comes upon you, it’ll Amplify both the Good and the Bad.
If you’ve not received the Mantle of MARTYRDOM you can’t handle Revival
Only dead men understand the language of Revival

These are excerpts of “AVALANCHE OF REVIVAL” with Apostle Michael Orokpo and Victor Ogbe.

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