Sometime ago I met this guy, who got to know me through his friends but haven’t met me.. So he got my number and started chatting with me… Finally we met and while we got talking, he asked me to go out to have fun with him on a particular day.
I was like “so sorry I will be having a church program that day so I won’t want to miss it for anything”. He looked at me in surprise and was like ” So you are a church girl”.
I said “Of course I am a Christain, who goes to Chruch “
So he then started asking me some questions like
“Do you smoke”, “Do you go to clubs “, “Like do you drink”
So I told him NO.

Beloved, I think this is how people see us… Like we are not Normal.
If normality means going to an unworthy place where the Holy Spirit wil not choose to dwell… I choose to be abnormal
If normality means wearing clothes to show my cleavage and win souls against the kingdom of God, I choose to be abnormal
I cannot be found twerking in parties when I need to be saving souls to the kingdom of God
I cannot be found drinking alcohol amongst unbelievers, when I need to be setting the hearts of people on fire for God.

In this generation when immorality is a normal, I cannot be found trending there , when my name has not been registered in Zion
Yes my friends may see me as a changed person, it doesn’t disturb me because my Everlasting Daddy sees me as a sweet daughter.
Yes I may be called churchy and holy holy. But because I am soo mindful that its not a sexy spirit that dwells in me but the Holy spirit, I choose to look abnormal to the world.
Yes you may see me rolling and kneeling down praying and worshipping in the chruch and not twerking and engaging in all forms of worldly dance. You call me abnormal. I agree.. Because I rather be abnormal and in God than normal in the sight of the world.

The Holy ghost is dwelling in my inside.. The Holy ghost is doing something to me.
The world shall hear of me. I shall not be small.
When my name is called a 5 minutes speech cannot be made of me.

Ahhh Holy ghost brood over my life and anyone reading this post.
When people see us praying for hours they see us as abnormal. Holy ghost we don’t care because we know that when we wait upon the Lord he renews our strength, we mount up with wings like eagle, run and not be weary, walk and not faint..

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