what many don’t really know.
See! I know there is a place for power and might in the life of mortal but there is something greater that when you follow this step, you will benefit greatly
See! Christianity is all about Sacrifice, and your Sacrifice is one of the prove that you have truly Encounter God
The reason you don’t want to fast or pray is because you haven’t Encounter God yet…

The reason, you are still forced to serve God is because you haven’t Encounter God
If truly you have Encounter God, you will know that God is better than Food… then you will know why you have to Fast
If truly you have Encounter God, you will know that God is better than films and videos… then you will know why you should spend time with your Bible and spiritual messages
If truly you have Encounter God, you won’t be forced or warned to stop listening to worldly musics…. so you will know why the angels and elders in heaven sing only the song that will glorify God
Encounters with God is what drive you to sacrifice more for God
Do you know that when you are struggling to pray for 30 mins in the night, somebody is beside your house praying in the holy ghost for 5 hours consistently.

Do you know when you are saying you have tried after 2pm fasting and you think you are doing well,….there are people that God have said you will be their leader in the future and these people are breaking 9pm fasting everyday
When you know one mysteries in the Bible, everyone in all your WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram account will not hear word again…while there are people hiding in the secret place CRYING FOR MORE and they are not satisfied
it has been said that it is possible to teach fluently but still be struggling to do what you are teaching
God will come down to give you message that will save your soul and grant you wisdom but because of lack of understanding the next thing some people will do is to get ready to post it online.

See! God will NEVER give you a message to inform people, if he has not given it to you first
The Bible says in John 1:14 that; “And the Word was made flesh…”
See! Until the Word is YOU!, I.e Until the word you preach is not a sermon but a LIFE in you then GOD IS SATISFIED
Anyone that preach without the preaching reflecting in his life, he is called a LIAR
That is why God give a message to you before giving it to people around you.
Have you ever recognized a pastor or a preacher preaching the word for MANY HOURS without stopping???
it is because he is preaching A LIFE IN HIM… See! if you are asked to describe yourself, you can do it for hours without stopping
Same with the GENUINE PREACHERS of the word. When they preach, they preach their life to us and that life is the LIFE OF CHRIST
That is why most of their message is full of scriptures and experience they have with God… that experience reflect the LIFE OF CHRIST IN THEM
Christ is calling you to have an encounter with him
You can’t be a global Moses when you have not Encounter the burning bush in your secret place
Don’t deceive yourselves…. You can’t be like the passionate Apostle Paul if you have not Encounter the strange presence of God

You can’t be like Peter if you don’t leave those things that have limit God In your life
You want to Call down FIRE and you are feed that mouth with many kind of food Everyday and every week
No! it doesn’t work like that
You want to see Deep and secret things of God and you eyes is 24-7 on television or decoder or on that girl or boy in your street
Let us not deceive our selves… You can’t be too social and you want to be expecting the supernatural
You can’t be engaging in all activities of the physical and be expecting the power of the spiritual
When Jesus said “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me” (Matthew 16:24)
Jesus was not Joking with that statement.

Have you forgotten that Jesus traded his burden with yours… He said “Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me….ye shall find rest unto your souls”
When you met Jesus, he took off your heavy burden and gave you a something special; “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:30)
Yoke and burden are the things you must carry so as to manifest the glory of God
That act of carrying burdens and yokes is what the heavens called SACRIFICE
The first Sacrifice required from you is to bring your flesh to be SLAUGHTER on the ALTAR
Until your flesh is Slaughter on the Altar, you can “TRY” to Obey the Holy Spirit but you can NOT TOTALLY surrender all to the Obedience of the spirit

Many don’t know that They can’t Fulfil mandate without Obeying the Holy Spirit, your fulfillment of your purpose is related to your obedience and submission to the holy Spirit.
The More you Obey the Holy Spirit, the more you walk with him… and the More you disobey, the more you move far away from him
So the Spirit of God is ever ready… and more Obedience result to More Sacrifice and the more the Sacrifice the more the closeness you will be with God and the more the closeness, the more the dimensions you will receive from God.

So can you Sacrifice your stomach for so as to know more of God?
Can you Sacrifice that phone and have koinonia with the spirit of God?
Can you forsake those friends and dwell in secret place of God praying for more of him?
Sacrifice is that easy yoke and light burden that Jesus deposit in you so that you can have the ability, capacity and stability to manifest the glory of God.

Jesus said Romans 8:18 that “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us”
That little 2-3 hours midnight Sacrificial that the Holy Spirit is telling you to do is to help you to bring the manifestation of God Glory to this visible universal
Many want to manifest quickly, many want to come out undone…. No! God still need you.

God train you and keep you according to the mandate on your head
Don’t limit your capacity only on Facebook or whatsapp platform there are still more to get and do
So Go back and obey the voice of the Holy Spirit… If he ask you to start praying every night, then discipline yourself and do it
if he force you to keep your mouth shut recently…please obey him
If He is disturbing you to fast then obey because fasting help your spiritual “there are some level that you can’t reach except for prayer and fasting”
Let your hunger drive you to know him(God) more than your present state.

See! if you relax now…. note, many people are burning for God every day and they are after Fulfilling their purpose on Earth
Your highest limit in the spirit somebody else starting point…
Sacrifice… you can’t embark on the things of the kingdom without Sacrifice.

Christianity is Sacrifice generally….
Your level of Sacrifice to God detemine the kind of dimensions that will knock the door of your life
Solomon made a HUGE Sacrifice that can make a whole King bankrupt and because of that HUGE SACRIFICE, it drew the attention of God and God didn’t send angels to him, God took the pain to visit Solomon when he is resting

Mary was working when Angel visited her
Moses was rearing when God visited him
Paul was traveling when God visited him but Solomon was resting and sleeping when God visited him.
God waited for him to relax himself before meeting him, He does not want to stress him…That is why God so respect MEN OF SACRIFICE, because their actions shows that they love him and they can give their “ALL” to him.
So what is your level of Sacrifice???
A Youth said “i don’t go to church and give God the Lowest offering”, he said he so respect God that he give him the highest money among the ones with him.

But we have many who are gambling in the house of God and are crying for power
No!… if God leave you to go out to the world undone… You will expire before your time because after some times you will lack what to present or give to the world
So God is talking to someone to go back and repair that his/her broken Altar…
God want to slaughter that fleshy life on the altar….

Note; Purpose don’t die, it is men that die… The purpose of God upon a man don’t die, it is men that die.
God will do all he takes to fulfill his purpose
If you refuse to fulfill your purpose, God will take your purpose and give it another person that is serious….and for you to fulfill your purpose, you must walk with the Holy Spirit and during your walk with the Holy Spirit there are Sacrifices to make so as to have stability and ability to behold his glory
So If the powers of darkness engage in Sacrifices so as to know more of their idols and gods and get more power from them then who are we not to know our Heavenly father without Sacrifice

Men of Revival are also Men of Sacrifice

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