Story: Never Stranded – Part 4

Never Stranded - Part 4
Never Stranded – Part 4

Which was why they couldn’t afford to be alone together behind closed doors, besides they weren’t even indoor when they almost slipped.

Vanessa couldn’t sleep. She was tossing and turning, like there was something on her mind. Vanessa and her younger sister, Elizabeth both shared a large room with a large bed. The bed was big enough to accommodate even Evelyn. Vanessa was 15, Elizabeth was 13 and both were close knit sisters.

Something on your mind? Evelyn asked.
Vanessa sighs, Yes there is, actually. She sits up on her side of the bed and Evelyn does so too.

She seemed a little hesitant. “I was wondering why you and your fiance refused to share a room. Aren’t you both engaged to be married?” She pauses then quickly adds.
I’m not asking because I have a problem with sharing our bed though, she giggled.
Evelyn smiles and sits up. Of course. Implying that she understands, at the same time ensuring her voice wasn’t loud enough to interrupt Elizabeth’s sleep. And yes, we are engaged to be married. She added, in response to Vanessa’s questions.

So what really is the issue? I see no reason why you can’t share a room. My aunt, mum’s younger sister, shares the same room with her boyfriend whenever he visits her and he hasn’t even proposed yet. Yours has proposed, and he seems a good man to keep his promise of marrying you. Or are you scared he might leave after you both have had sex? Because on the contrary, I heard men leave when they aren’t allowed sex with their woman. Vanessa adds. My aunt says, Sex helps you keep your man!

Wow, you are a very wise girl, and I’m grateful you are asking me these. Evelyn responds, clearly figuring out one of the many reasons God had asked them to come to Port Harcourt. Initially she thought it was just for the program, but clearly this was beyond Coming for a program, but reaching out to others with the word too.
The simple answer to your question is that I Love God and he, referring to Chris, does too. We don’t have sex or won’t stay behind closed doors alone together because it goes against God’s Standard which says in Hebrews 13:4 that

“Marriage is honorable in all; with the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge”

He also says in 1 Thessalonians 4:3 that the Will of God is our Sanctification and that we abstain from Fornication”
You might think so far as it’s not sex I’m having or penetrative sex, in essence my vagina hasn’t had contact with a guy’s penis then I’m safe, It is beyond this!
The word of God says in 1 Thessalonians 5:22 to “Flee every appearance of evil”

it didn’t just say to flee evil, but we must flee even the appearance and this includes any and whatsoever could lead to sex, which includes Kissing, Fondling, Caressing, staying alone behind closed doors is part of it. If you must know, the appearance of evil isn’t always a sin but it can lead to sin.

Vanessa is puzzled. “So you too never kissed”? Evelyn shakes her head in the negative.
Wow! Vanessa seems surprised. That must be hard, you seem quite fond of each other. I’m sure you are the reason you both haven’t kissed, most men find it hard coping with that. I must applaud you though, you are very strong and spiritual.

Believe me, women too find it hard coping with Abstinence.
We almost slipped once, and that was my fault. Evelyn chuckled.

Vanessa is shocked. What! You? No way! You are the typical strong woman. You seem made of steel and all…they both laugh.

As impossible as it may sound, it’s true.

Really? You? How?
Vanessa is surprised.

Evelyn flushed. Well, for women when we love a man our body isn’t far behind. So though we have set Standards for our relationship,

“Really high standards!” Vanessa cuts in, Evelyn laughs and continues.

Alright, really high standards, we have had times we were vulnerable, Which is why we won’t stay alone together till we are joined together in holy matrimony of course.

Though we work together often and can be alone sometimes, while reaching out to Souls or teenagers.
So our stand on the topic may not be an opinion held by many, it doesn’t mean it isn’t the truth or it doesn’t matter. Just because everyone or most do something doesn’t make it right. God’s opinion isn’t usually embraced by all. Evelyn emphasized.

Hmm, good point. Vanessa nods in agreement. So how long till your wedding, if you don’t mind me asking?

7 months from now.

That far?

Evelyn chuckles knowing how anxious they are especially Chris, that they tied the knot.

It does seem far sometimes.

Vanessa smiles. I’m glad you came to our house and are sleeping in our bed. I feel like God brought you here because I needed to hear all I just learnt from you today.

I feel so too.

I really needed to hear these. Vanessa continues.
I’m glad you are.
God has a lot in store for you and your sister. You are destined for Great things, more than you know.

Yes, I have always felt there was more. My Sunday school teacher always told us the best time to start serving God is now when we are young.
Loving God, trusting Him, depending on Him and yielding to Him, so we can be Powerful tools in His hands for Goodworks.
So maybe Abstinence till Marriage is the best otherwise it’s just a distraction… You need to see how some of my classmates get when they aren’t hearing from their boyfriends again or when there was an argument between they and the boyfriend, it gets them really bothered and they can’t concentrate in class. I really feel they are too young to feel such emotional trauma because of a boy.

Evelyn sighs. You are right!

There’s even one of my classmates named Debby, she’s been through a lot. She’s always moody in school. She lives with her aunt who is busy trying to fend for them so she usually has to be in her shop all day to make enough sales for her family. So she leaves very early and comes back very late. She says she and her cousins do things they see in movies to themselves but aren’t proud of it.

Evelyn seems to find this familiar. Debby? Does she want to become a nurse?
Vanessa is shocked. Yes, how did you know? The Holy Spirit told you that? Because I hear it taught in Church, that the Holy Spirit reveals things to people.

Actually I met her earlier today, while coming back from the program we came for. Evelyn explains. She was one of the teenagers we preached to today, I and my fiance.

What! You’ve met her?

Yes, it was the similarity in your story that made me ask. She opened up to us about what she had been going through and accepted Jesus into her heart and we prayed with her.

Wow! Only God could have done that. Vanessa admitted, Because she hasn’t opened up to me before and we’re best friends!
Could you please come to our school to minister, I’m sure many lives will be set on Fire for God! Please we need you!

Yes we do! Elizabeth sits up! I have been praying to God for revival in my School and that He should send someone. I think you and Bro Chris are an answer to that Prayer!

Evelyn, so you weren’t asleep all this while?

Nope! Liz grins. I was listening quietly, but when you mentioned Debby, it struck a chord with me.

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