A colleague of mine tried touching me today, this wasn’t the first time I am stopping him for trying to hold me but instead of apologizing he threatened to beat me up.
Everyday, a good number of women are faced with this, people trying to molest them, take advantage of them and keep them shut
When will people learn to respect women for what they stand for? When will people stop seeing women as weak and try to suppress them for achieving what they dream of?
You know guys, today I felt bad, really bad!

Maybe not for anything but because that day was International Women’s Day.
I was so angry at the way people try to blame women for being molested and suppressed, trust me guys I am intentional about modesty so I understand when people say they were molested even after being property dressed!

We go through a lot from our families to the society, everyone is so concerned about when you are getting married, why you are going for another degree, why you don’t have kids, so many whys!
You are responsible for a home, for your kids, for your husband, for you generation, you are created to be a blessing and a solution to your generation, you are not just anyone, NOT a mistake but created for a purpose!

When I looked back at who I am and what I was created for, I refused to let anyone put me down. You know this colleague of mine told me “I wasn’t special than any other girl out there” but he knows the truth.
I am a woman of valor, I wouldn’t let down my standards for anyone! If I am standing for something then I will keep standing for it. If not for any other reason but because I am a child of God and I know what I am made for!
Sis, don’t let anyone put you down, no matter the reason you can fight through it. You are stronger than you think, you will go forth to the nations and do exploits!

Don’t let anyone molest you, report to the authorities if you can, make good use of your life, get that degree, apply for that job, you can own a company too.
Break lose from low self esteem!
The best part of this is what the bible says about you “Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.(Proverbs 31:25)
You are not just anyone but a woman clothed with strength and honor, you are made to be a light and to make a different out there. You are to stand for purity where ever you find yourself and never let go of your service to God.

Let’s affirm this together
I am strong
I am made for more
I will achieve greatness
My generation will serve Jesus
I will be a blessing to my family
I am clothed with strength and honor
I am blessed and favoured.

There’s more right, I want to see your beautiful face attached to this affirmation or more, its not to late to share positivity and celebrate yourself

Source :Journey Of A Christian Woman

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