What went wrong

The Kingdom of God will be like this! Once upon in a village there was a farmer who was keeping chicken and one time he bought eggs for hatching chicken, among the eggs there was an eagle egg which was mistakenly mixed. After the 21 one days all eggs had hatched to chicks. There was also the little eagle there mixing with chicken.

It was a tough battle for the little eagle to get together with the chickens, the poor little eagle would not eat or crack the seeds like chicken, would not unclean itself, it would not scratch the ground like the chickens do, and it suffered loneliness among the hen. The eagle desired to soar high above the clouds and as it was unfolding the feather to fly, there comes the farmer and he pulled out the feather like other chickens.

It continues a while with the eagle growing and becoming strong, the beak was strong and this round the feathers were double the size and strong. The desire to get above the cloud was so strong. And one day a powerful great eagle passed over the farmers house with a shout like a sound of trumpet, and when that little eagle heard the voice and saw the great mighty eagle.

It jumped and flew toward the father Eagle and they soar together above the cloud. That is how the kingdom of God will be. An eagle is born an eagle and no matter the climate born an eagle will always act like an eagle , speak like an eagle, jump like an eagle and think like an eagle. It won't mix up and it can’t follow other birds and won't eat like them.

It is born that way and won’t change that way or unclean itself with other birds. The little eagle stands for the bride of Christ and the chickens stands for the worldly bride, while the farmer stands for the shepherds of today. The bride of Christ may be brought up together with the wrong group of Christians, she is not comfortable with the doctrines and worldly teachings taught by the preachers, and she cannot scratch the ground for her living. She cannot receive such food because she eats only the Word and will not unclean herself with such staff.

Every time she tries to fly above the cloud to the truth, she will be attacked by the false preachers and her feathers will be cut down. She is wounded but she will grow stronger by the word of God and her hope will be Strong and firm by days. A time is coming and has now come for the eagle bride to rise up , shine and fly above with her Father the Great and Mighty God. The Great eagle is going all over the world shouting like a trumpet calling that which was His.

He is calling back His people who are in darkness and once the little eagles will hear that voice and shout , they will fly above and leave the doctrines of men and go for the Word of God. They know the voice of their father and their father knows them and none of them will be lost.

In the early years of my Christian walk as a youth,

Fridays night were met for vigils in the Church

Youth convention was purely for prayers, fasting, Bible study, and edifying activities

As a single when you are going to visit an opposite sex you don’t dare go alone

When your Pastor scolds you, you bow your head in tears for being a source concern to him

We don’t purchase any clothe we can’t wear to church

During youth programmes we engage in activities like draw your sword, Bible quizzes

Every Saturday was for Evangelism

We were mobile Bibles as we could quote tens of scriptures by heart

We don’t dare leave our houses for church without a Bible

We arrive church hours before service to prepare the church

Virginity was dignity to us and not lack of opportunity

It wasn’t difficult to identify us from unbelievers even as classroom students because you see God’s glory on us

We were not ashamed to publicly declare our Christian faith

We go out for morning cry as early as 5:00AM daily

We always preached in every bus we took

There was this deep hunger in us to attend programmes in church

Even without an official ordination we were called Pastors and Evangelists

We usually go to pray for the sick in hospitals for healing

We dared to pray for the dead to come back to life

Having a daily devotional was important to us

We challenged ourselves to spend more time in the things of the kingdom

We looked forward to our yearly camp meeting for an encounter with God

During worship sessions we received accurate words of knowledge from the Lord

We were used as models to correct unbelievers

We were a source of Joy and honour to our parents and church

Our conscience were very active and alive to admit when our ways were not right with God…

Do I have witnesses out there!!!

Be wise and watchful for that Great and Mighty EAGLE is coming soon to take His children home.

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