Whenever you see beautiful brides like this(photo) some of us will start crying GOD WHEN! It is good to wish for marriage but before you make it your everyday prayer point, can I talk to you…
God wants to give you a good home, He is not trying to stop you from getting married but He is trying to prepare you into the JOURNEY of marriage!

Marriage is indeed a journey, a journey with hurdles, with pleasure, with pain, with roses, with thorns so don’t ever think marriage is a simple journey of pleasure, no stress, bed of kissing and romance! You may not be able to have sexual urges as you think, family stress may even wear you out, which is why God is saying WAIT!

He wants to prepare you for this journey so you don’t FUMBLE! Some of us praying day and night for a husband yet you cannot even prepare a nice meal, God wants you to be a better cook so you don’t poison someone’s son! Yes, this might not be the case.
Some of us cannot do house chores, can not take care of their room properly, clothes everywhere, to even wash your clothes, laziness has finished you, you cannot wash your black singlet but you are still crying God when?

This is not to spite you but before God will provide one of His sons, He must be sure you are ready and prepared to house him. Praying for a Pastor as a husband is not bad, my question is can you stand for him in the gap praying when he is ministering? Can you blow his fire to flame and not blow it off? This is the big question!

You are praying for a rich man as a husband, are you able to manage his money or you will drain him by buying designers clothes, posting on Instagram until he becomes a pauper? Be INTENTIONAL about marriage!
You want to marry a celebrity and you have a loose mouth! Ah, you have finished him because you will be unable to keep secrets! cho cho cho everyone will know everything about your husband and his family. Be guided start working on yourself!
Some of us hate the sight of children’s poo you will park so much poo in marriage, it is not to come and cross your legs! A virtuous woman will cater for her home!

Some are carrying FEMINISM to the greatest level not ready to submit to any man and you are praying day and night for a husband! Please, check yourself, those affirmations of I can never obey any man, please relax and check yourself!!
Meanwhile we will keep WAITING for God’s perfect will for us, we will keep WORKING towards becoming virtuous women and honorable ladies who will stand in their marriage and declare peace, joy and happiness! Who will make their marriages successful

To The guys,
Now I’m married, and I can tell you this with all my heart. All the sex I would have enjoyed in my relationship by paying the price of disobedience, I’m enjoying all those pleasures in my marriage now, at a zero cost of penance.
All the times we would have grieved the Holy Spirit and chased Him away with our weather for two moments, now Chocolate and I have observed that our love making hits differently in the rain, because the Holy Spirit comes and dwells with us, oh how He loves the coolness of the day.

All my secret desires of seeing her walking around my apartment topless with just panties, you know, couple goals! Now, she walks around the house naked with almost no clothes on, and I worship at her altar every night. Believe me, I am not tired.
All the times I had dreamt of her getting into my boxers and tees. Now I am the one fighting her to stop wearing my stuff because I no longer know which is mine and which is hers, she wears everything, up to my sneaks.

Oh the price I would have paid to satisfy the desire to have a warm body laying next to me, so I can cuddle through the night. Now we are eating cuddling like meatpie. I go to bed and wake up with my loving arms wrapped around the succulent body of the most amazing woman in the world, all at zero cost.
And oh this one; all the times I would have spent worrying about the size of her breast buttocks, and the fear of marrying a woman who cannot satisfy me in bed and if she is healthy enough to carry my seed. I know you understand what I mean. The scare of a faithful man landing in marriage with a woman who is sexually inactive because he did not do the usual ‘taste and see’ like everyone else is doing. The heavy price I would have paid for doubting God’s promises.
Guys, now I laugh in joy, because the earnest expectations of this son and daughter of God was not cut shorttttt, instead our expectations were made longggggggggggg and durable, if you know what I mean.

Don’t just wait on God guys, wait WITH God.
Wait with Him to give height to every short thing, speed to every slow thing, strength to every weak thing, and romance to every boring thing.
Scream GLORY if you understand what I’m talking about!

Those that wait upon the Lord their strength will not only be renewed, God will also renew the strenth of the spouse they have been waiting for, so that they can mount on each other’s wings like eagles.
Somebody I say scream Glory!!!!!!!!!
Wait with the Lord dear, this season God is doing giveaway!

I hope this blesses you? You have something to say? Let’s hear you


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