God, What Would You Have Me Do?


2018, the purpose of my living became clearer, before then I lived without pointing out what I could do for God and humanity.
I just wanted everything to go well for me, I had big plans and dreams. I wanted to become a great person just like everyone else but one thing I never asked was “Why Did God Create Me”

It was after that experience, I began to understand every man was created for a reason and purpose, God did not put you in your mother’s womb for nothing, you were made to become a blessing and solution to humanity.
Remember what Romans 8:19 says “For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God”.

So, there is something you are made to do. You were created to accomplish a certain goal, save a soul(s), help people gain knowledge and empower people into becoming great minds.
You are made to become a SOLUTION but if you refuse to understand your capability in God, you will remain at the same spot and will never touch lives when the plan and purpose of God for is to be a blessing.

I know you wish to be great, you want to be known and celebrated but it is until you begin to work in the place God called you into and do what God wants from you, then you will become the GREATNESS you are made for.
I want you to know this, not every one will become popular and known by the world but if any man can work in PURPOSE and DO what God expects from them, then they will live celebrated by God Himself.

Have you ever asked God what He wants you do? Have you ever spoken to a lost soul knowing it is the mandate of believers? Have you accepted insults, lost opportunities and friendships because of your belief in Jesus?

When last did you accept God’s instructions on what He is directing you to do or you just keep asking without abiding to His own instructions? You cannot be only on the receiving end without giving out.
You are a solution, you are made to bless lives, to help people find Jesus, to save lost souls, you are made to MANIFEST!

©With Love, The journey of A Christian Lady

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