It is popularly said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but I tell you, true beauty is in the mind of the conceiver.
Don’t trust the immediate judgement that your eyes tell you when you see a person.
Until you hear the judgement of your mind, don’t come to any conclusions yet. That is why I have always said that you can’t claim to have loved a person just at first sight. It takes time to love a man. You can’t claim to love someone you have not known.

Note that the love I’m talking about here is the love of a marital relationship. You can’t yet claim that you love the person until you have known who the person is.
I know she has straight legs and fine face but have you heard her speak? Have you seen her eat? Have you seen her angry? Do you know her story?

Look at Eve in the Bible, she has always seen the tree of the knowledge of good and evil but she never considered it pleasing to the eyes or good for food, until the serpent gave her some pieces of information about the tree.
Suddenly, she saw the tree in a different way.

Knowledge drives and fuels LOVE.
Her mind just approved the tree.
There’s something you can know about a man that can make you to love him and there are other things you’ll hear that will make you pick your race…

Have you ever wondered why the nakedness of a mad woman never moved you? Its very simple; your mind told you :”this is not right for you”. Imagine if you were blind, you’ll have fallen in love with that same woman.
This is why a guy can be hyping a lady he is seeing for the first time but his friend who knew the lady would advise him never to get closer to her.

There’s something the friend knew about the lady that the guy does not know. So, instead of investing on your physical look alone, why not work on your character? Why not try to add value to yourself? Why not try to reduce weaknesses in you?
Is there anything else in your life that can WOW a person except from the fact that you have gap teeth? You think its your village people that makes guys to pick you and dump you?

Maybe its just your bad character. Maybe they just didn’t find you valuable enough. Better yourself, that’s what true beauty is. True beauty is about Character and value.



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