I have known a local bean cake seller for more than a decade now in my area.
She has been in the business for a long time. She shows up every morning to serve her product to her loyal customers. That’s consistency, right?

However, she’s only making sales that keeps the business afloat and surviving with a meager profit margin that makes for mere sustenance.
None of that really occured sensible to me until recently, when after a long time, I came across her again. Then I began to ask questions.
Look, I know you know how important it is to be consistent in whatever you do, but here is the thing:

You can be consistent on the downward spiral.

You can be consistent on the status quo.

You can be consistent on the upward path.

So it isn’t really just about being consistent, but having a VISION that fuels your consistency.
What are you trying to achieve?
What model do you look up to?
Where are you getting with what you are doing daily?
That makes the consistency task a little less grueling, because it’s enough motivation to always keep on.

Yes I Believe,There are stages in life, some are so terrible that you will feel hurt the whole time, some will make you cry, some will make you tired but here is what I want to remind you
Everything will be better soon.

I remember when I failed 2 courses in school, I cried like life was over. I forgot to realize it was a stage, I let the thought of it take away my joy.
When I prayed about it and took the courses for a second time I had beautiful grades, like I knew them all the while but how could I have failed it. It was a stage for me.

Some things we face in life may just be trainings God want to use to make us better people. What’s beautiful is God will still be by your side during that time making you feel better and stronger.
God will never leave nor forget you! I know this is for you. You will come out stronger and better

So, You should be consistently growing.
You should be consistently adding value.
You should be consistently winning and expanding towards your Vision.

God Bless you

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