Sometimes We Are Excited About Topics We Don’t Know The Depth – Apostle Michael Orokpo

Apostle Michael Orokpo
Apostle Michael Orokpo

Sometimes we are excited about topics but we don’t know the depth.
God May appear to you and say; ” I want to begin to use you”, then you run and tell your friends that God said He wants to use you. What you did not Hear is that from that day you will die.

You will die to your ambitions, Die to your future, Die to your Appetite.
God told you that you are an Apostle to the nations, All you heard was a title, you didn’t see the dimensions of the depth,
You didn’t see the dimensions of wisdom, the dealings you would go through.

You may think because you are an Apostle to the nation you will read the bible from Genesis to revelation…. you are a Joker.
When you finish reading the bible from Genesis to revelation, you will read about faithfulness, you will read about Long suffering and then you quote it. Then if God wants to teach you Long Suffering, He will allow a Public Embarrassment and that embarrassment can last for 9 months.
It is when you go through it that you understand long suffering, Meanwhile that is One Verse!!

But read the Bible in two weeks and understood one verse in 9months.
That is why we don’t preach Everything, we preach what God has taught us, because the message of an Apostle is captured in His dealings, The syllabus of your doctrine is captured in Your dealings, Anything you have not been dealt in, you don’t have the Authority to utter it.

This is why photocopying is a Crisis, it is an Error in the Spirit.
For us to become Warriors there are certain Operations of the Spirit we must open ourself to, so that our dimensions can begin to find expression because your weapon may be your tongue, My weapon may be my eyes, somebody else’s weapon may be His Hand.

There are different dealings you would go through for our tools to be sharpened, so that we can use them for warfare.

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