60 years ago our fathers and predecessors fought together as one to strive for our freedom and independence in hope and vision that we would be able to decide for ourselves,
and also make good decisions through good leaders and build a Nation where our children can have a better and great future,a Nation where peace and justice shall reign. 60 years later we look at the same nation whose dreams and visions of their fathers has been buried and maligned, a nation where the life of the citizens it fought to protect years ago now count for nothing and being wasted on a daily basis,oh!…what’s a shameful state.

Today am not a preacher of love or revival!! I want to believe that there’s no country that prays the way Nigeria does, the biggest church auditoriums are in Nigeria, The largest congregation yearly happens in Nigeria.
The Five fold, the Pastor’s, Apostles,deacons, prophets, etc they’re all in Nigeria. But then what’s happening? Why is Nigeria in a situation like this? There has to be AN AWAKENING!Nigeria is my country! I love Nigeria!
I am a Nigerian!
But right now am not a proud Nigerian!

Prayer Walk

The systems that have ruled this country both Spiritual and physical have set the country aback. System corrupt, citizens corrupt, leaders corrupt.
Dubai was created 11yrs after Nigeria got independence,see Dubai today, check Nigeria.

Ghana’s minimum wage is 1280ghc which is 64,480 in Naira. Do you see that. In Nigeria we fight for just 30 thousand naira seeing it as an increment…..

Our leaders have no value for education, ASUU strikes for 3-6months and the students remain at home. They don’t bother because their kids are abroad.
No adequate health care facilities because when they are not well they can fly out and get treatments or go to private hospitals.
Bad roads means nothing to them when they can enter a plane to wherever they want to go. We must end nonsense in this country.They loot millions and billions of naira and they are not arrested or being shot at.

But they can kill a young because of he has a car worth 7m, because at his age they couldn’t afford that and that makes him a fraudster.
Getting into university is no longer by merit but by who you know, if a jambite tells you he applied to a federal university like University of Ibadan for example, the next question, you hear is do you know somebody there? What nonsense? Enough of this !!!.


I believe time has come for everyone to SORO SOKE! (Speak Up), it’s not a youth movement, it’s an agitation peace and progress of the nation, its everyone’s fight, Young and old.

All of a sudden, the youths realized they have been sleeping!!, All of a sudden the slumber wiped off,( the Great MYSTERY), the youth gather and start praying, prophecies has been made before it all started,
Prayer walks everywhere and the Lord showed his presence by healings and miracles, a deaf man hear, a mad man got healed at ilesha prayer walk, (God is concerned) the killings are much …..

Do you know one thing that amaze me most is the “love” that bound the youths , both the rich and the poor gather together, celebrities etc sharing food and showing love, according to Emmanuel Noble, the day he went to Abuja a taxi driver even carried him for FREE and gave him money.


One of the taxi drivers said police hasn’t collect any dime from him since this week…..
People are giving water to both the weak and strong!!
People are returning misplaced phones and wallet that was misplaced on the protest ground, and are calling the owner to come and collect it
The rich and the poor are dinning together on the street of NIGERIA
Am seeing love, am seeing revival,
Oh lord! bring revival, love and unity to our great country Nigeria….

Isaiah 43:9 KJV
Let all the nations be gathered together, and let the people be assembled: who among them can declare this, and shew us former things? let them bring forth their witnesses, that they may be justified: or let them hear, and say, It is truth.It’s high time we all wake up!!

The protests continues in this new week,and I tell you it’s not gonna be smooth as the last week but we move!
Everyone can be a part of this , if you can’t join physically you can protest in the realm of the spirit, join prayer walks this is the time to pray for the nation, soon we will soon start seeing the military, the adversary will surely resist, we need to pray , that more innocent lives will not be lost.We all need to come as one body, use the media, your prayer, your mouth, your influence. We must all work together for the peace and progress of the nation.

Like Aisha Yesufu said – we want a Nation where the child of a nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody.

A nation where peace and justice shall reign! So please I want to encourage us,in your morning devotion pray for Nigeria, in your midnight prayers, prays for Nigeria, when you are in a cab and you see protesters pray for Nigeria.If you can make donations or contributions support with whatever services you can render please do. In the end this will be our testimony.

Isaiah 60:18 KJV
Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders; but thou shalt call thy walls Salvation, and thy gates Praise. Selah!


Please don’t let sharing this be a burden share till everyone see this and also Join this warfare for our nation
This message is brought to you by LFS
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