Prince Ekeke On Blue

Hello sir, you woke up this morning without any burden in your heart for the lost, without any hunger to see souls saved, without any compassion for backsliding believers, without any thirst to see God’s kingdom being established on the earth, and yet you’re satisfied? Ahh!!!
Who did this to you sir?
Since when did you become ‘normal’ ma?

I thought we used to shout to God before of how much we are abnormal when it comes to the Kingdom business!
I thought the scripture ‘the Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent taketh it by force,’ used to make much sense to us before!
When then did we become gentle, cold and very soft in our approach to evangelism and spreading the good news of salvation to our unbelieving friends…

Oh, how did we get here! You woke up this morning without the thought of Kingdom advancement in your “to-do list” and economic “scale of preference”…Kai! How did we get here Jesus!
Can’t you see that you are too ‘normal’ and too ‘official’ for this kingdom business that requires unction, ruggedity, tenacity, dexterity and resilience?

God is in search of people who are abnormal. People who won’t question His very foolish moves and directives. People who are dead to flesh, who operate from a depth of lowliness of heart and are burdened with seeing His glory cover the earth as the waters covers the sea.

How come you enjoy giving excuses? When did that start……
How come souls are being lost to hell on a daily basis, no single tear drops from your face, yet, PSG lost to BAYERN and you spend the rest of your day crying? Can you now see that you’re been followed?

How come the Holyspirit daily opens your eye to powerful means of evangelism like morning cry, bus evangelism, street evangelism, village/rural outreach, tract evangelism, primary and secondary schools evangelism, online evangelism, podcast and drama evangelism, and several other end-time media, yet you turn deaf ears to His promptings and keep procastinating. Brother why?Sister why? Stop keeping God in the waiting room searching for other vessels to use.

“I’m a chorister, I’m not in the evangelism team o, just leave me like that”… Hello sister, you don’t mean it, Is this how you intend fulfilling destiny when the scripture instructed us perfectly well to preach the gospel and do the work of an evangelist.

You keep slandering those who go about preaching the gospel saying they are blowing their trumpets Have you not read in the scripture that when our Lord Jesus shall return to take the elects home, right there in the cloud, the arch angel shall blow a trumpet and shall come with a very loud shout? So what stops us from blowing the trumpet now! I’d rather you pick up even if it’s a violin and do something, than join others say things contrary to Kingdom advancement.

May I remind you that in the days of A. A. Allen, William J. Seymour,Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revivalist, stadiums shut down literarily, bars and alcohol bases were shut down, political meetings cancelled, theatres ran out of business, the streets were empty, newspapers headlines talked about JESUS! Why? Because some people surrendered themselves to be used of God and to usher in a revival!

They yielded and became empty for the lord use
I’ve seen God move a couple of times while ministering to the Youths in my local assembly.
But there’s this particular one that thought me a great lesson.
I was just recovering from an illness that really affected my prayer life…

But that night while in a brothers car with some youths heading for a youth evangelists vigil.. I was confessing to them that I was really empty.
I told them that my aim of going to that vigil was to get revived and not to lead in any prayer session… because I was among the leaders.

But unfortunately, my state coordinator came and told me that after the praise and worship session I should take over… I was really empty and the request was sudden.
But being my leader, I was finding it hard to say no.
I obeyed him and took over the podium… and instead of prayers the only thing that came out of my lips were worship songs; “fill my cup Lord… I lift it up… come and quench the thirsty of my Soul…”

As I was busy rendering worship to God, the power of God came down mightily… I’ve seen youths fall under the anointing a couple of times while ministering, but this particular night was so intense… It was beyond control.

The power was so intense to the level that my leader had to stop the brother that was supposed to take over from me so that he won’t stop what God was doing.
Now, this actually thought me a lesson… I’ve now noticed by experience that whenever we come before God and admit that we’re EMPTY and needs His help… He’ll come to our aid.

Matthew 5:3 Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Sometimes the reason why God is finding it hard to fill us is because we’ve not yet emptied ourselves from our Pride.

God can only fill empty Vessels…
2 Kings 4:6 And it came to pass, when the vessels were full, that she said unto her son, Bring me yet a vessel. And he said unto her, There is not a vessel more. And the oil stayed.

God doesn’t need normal people,he needs empty people, people he could fill with his spirit….. enough of normalcy…kai

Beloved, join the army that God is raising today and let History rewrite itself, this time around, never to be erased again.
There’s no time, Christ’s second coming is nearer than we least expected.

I hope this makes sense to someone today.
Oh God break my heart and bend my knees
Oh God lock me in the prayer room and throw the keys away.

Source: Prince Ekeke,The Priesthood Channel

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