Poem: It’s In You

Beyond the acme of your imagination
Far beyond the sea level of your doubt
Deep the ocean of your thoughts
Beyond the heavens of your expectations
You’ll never know it’s in you if you don’t give a try
You’ll never know how awesome your ideas are if you don’t pen them down
You’ll never cross the bridge if you don’t lift your feet to make a try
You’ll never know how good you are if you keep belittling yourself
You’ll never know how extraordinary you are if you don’t push
You’ll never know how magnificent you write if you don’t write them
You’ll never know how excellent you speak if you don’t talk
You’ll never know how gorgeous you look if you don’t smile
It’s in you! Stop doubting your personality
Believe in what you’ve got for yourself
Give hope a chance to make things right
And smile will twinkles your heart at the end
It’s in you! There’s no need of turning back
Wait! Stand! To face your fears
We believe that it’s in you so
Go out there and make us proud
It’s in you! Who told you that you can’t?
Who roars at you? When you’re the king of the jungle
You know the way we run the jungle
Not as they doubt your pen
It’s in you! Don’t give up just like that
What are you going to tell the world?
What will be your story when tomorrow comes
Who will learn to mimic your style?
It’s in you! Cause you’re born to rule
It’s in you! Cause the possibility is in you
It’s in you! Cause they thought you’re nobody
It’s in you! That’s why you have to prove that you’re somebody

Source: Adeyemi Kehinde A

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