Poem: Not All Is Gone !

Wipe off your tears
With smile of courage
Laugh out your pains
With smile of patients
Not all is gone my dear

Your shadow still believes in you
There’s no time to waste
Arise and take your possession
Stand to face your fears
Wait and run no more
The battle is set before you
Pick up the shield of faith and fight

Take the step of the triumphant
Walk majestically as a warrior
Consider not your stature
See the possibility that’s inside of you

Though it may seem tough,it may be stressful,But in the end it would all be happiness, all is well not all is gone; your strength still remains for you to attain your success

Arise! now for the time has come,take the step as your glory awaits,don’t sap up the pap of sadness….life may be unruly but you are made to rule it…… remember this not all is gone.

Thanks For Reading…..Pls Do Comment…..

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