Unscrambled Words

Words not sword
It should bring healing and calm
Not damnation or ruin
Some convert theirs into rods
While some into mini-sword
What are your words used for?
The nagging hurl it fiercely
The sarcastic wield it to hurt
A joker play down on its efficacy
Words aptly stated inspire and build
It should be chewed and seasoned
Then cautiously dished in truth and love
The penciler craft words painstakingly
The content is perceived and appraised
Unearthing the inker’s intent
So, I take my pledge today
To use words for good and not for ill
Guiding the erring, who seek truth
Aiding the weak and fable minded
Via insightful and inspiring lines
Never to coat it to my neighbors’ hurt
So help me God

Source: L. S. Onyah

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