“When a virgin has sex for the first time with a man, the fact that the rupture of the hymen causes a flow of blood which spurts on the sex of the man, means that an alliance or a bond has been established between them , and only death can separate them!
Originally, When a man has sex with a virgin girl, he is expected to wash the blood of the hymen and thus bind himself to that girl by a wedding ring .
Many men and women will not fulfill their destiny because of the one to whom they gave their virginity.

It is because of this irrevocable covenant that God does not want you to lose your virginity before marriage.
When you have sex with your partner, this is your way of saying, “My enemies are now your enemies, and your enemies are now my enemies; My friends are now your friends and your friends are now my friends; I will stay by your side no matter what, I will never leave you and I will never abandon you. I will defend you to death

You now have one flesh, united soul and body! Here is what the Bible tells us:
“1 Corinthians 6:16 ►
“Do you not know that whoever becomes attached to the prostitute is one body with her? For, it is said, the two will become one flesh.”

This type of alliance should only be made by those who are legally married. Whenever you have sex with a person, you make a blood pact with that person at the same time.
When God made a covenant with Abraham, it was through circumcision which included a shedding of blood. When God gave Moses the commandments and the covenants, the blood of animals was one of them.

Through sexual sin, body, mind and soul are linked. Everything that is in the man or in the woman enters the life of the woman or of the man. Through sex, you receive all the iniquities of your partner’s family in your life and even their ancestral curses because the life of a man is in the blood.

Sexual sin can turn your good and perfect destiny into a bad destiny of doom!
You see some girls or women who, after sleeping with a man who has a curse, end up with the same curse in their lives. Things don’t work for many people because of the kind of people they slept with. Many have been initiated into things that they themselves do not understand because of sex.

Even the world of darkness recognizes that sex is a pact of blood. If you have sex with someone who is part of a sect, you are automatically initiated spiritually and in your dreams you will find yourself taking part in gatherings with strange people/personalities. The dark forces of this sect will begin to influence your life without your knowing it. This has happened to a lot of people.
So be careful who you sleep with because you don’t know where your partner’s bloodline and spirits come from.
By sex they can steal your crown, steal your throne, snatch your graces, tear your tunic, steal your gold and your silver, change your star, destroy your projects, suck your grace, kill you, bury you alive …
Many destiny failed because of 5 minutes intercourse due to the fact that energy and spirit were exchanged.
Many have killed their future because of a blood exchange.

You wonder why everything is bad in your life, bad luck follows you everywhere! why you have repeated nighttime diapers (Visiting a husband or wife at night), you suffer from frigidity, you are bombarded by impure thoughts of a past relationship (fantasy) despite you are with your partner or your partner. Yet you are the cause, you sleep with anyone. Then you accuse someone in the village and others even accuse their family members while you yourself are the author of your curse.

The present world system demands that we struggle so much for little things, that’s the devil’s system. Immorality and fornication is on the trend now… But We can get the things we desire, without much struggle by partnership with the Holy Spirit…and partnership with God demands that we stay away from the things that defiles our body.

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