5 Signs That God Might Be Calling You Into Full-Time Ministry

5 Signs That God Might Be Calling You Into Full-Time Ministry

Before we go deeply into the matter of today, we have seen men whom God has helped over the years into full-time in ministry. The likes of Benson IDAHOSA, Smith Wigglesworth and the generals of old up till our generation…we having the likes of Pastor W.F Kumuyi, Pastor Adeboye, Bishop David oyedepo, Apostle Johnson Suleman, Dr Pastor Paul Enenche etc….we have heard their stories, some of us even have the documentaries and life history with us as a book, pdf, videos etc.

PASTOR DAVID IBIYEOMIE…. once said that when he started ministry he had only one fan and one foam, How is it possible for God to call a man and use him throughout history, and that man becomes a vessel to look upon and truly validate that he is sent of God.
We want to use this opportunity to share with you 5 signs that you may be having that means God is calling you into full-time in ministry.

Mind you, you may have your doubts and views, so let’s also see that in the comments below to help someone.
Here we go….

1. A Profound Impression from God:
When considering whether or not you feel called to ministry, check to see the genuineness of your passion for the things of God whether you expect some benefits in return or just a genuine love for souls.

2. Confirmation from others:
I have a friends in the ministry whom I have known for years. He loves God and he is anointed he is not a lazy man. One thing I know is that, God will not put grace in you and expect you not to profit it for the furtherance of his kingdom. I told him to start from somewhere. Thank God he did.
If something similar has happened to you, and others have commented on your life in a way that seems to direct you toward the ministry, that’s a very good sign that you’re probably called to go into full time ministry.

3. Reoccurring Thoughts for Ministry:
Sometimes God will put something in your mind and continue feeding it back into you until you decide to do something about it. This is actually a strategy God tells us to use in Luke 18, when he uses the parable of “The Persistent Widow”.

This is something that has happened to me, consistently, for the past two/three years. I just couldn’t stop thinking about ministry. It just kept popping into my head over and over again. Even after surrendering to God’s call, it’s still always in the back of my mind.
If ministry is something you can’t stop thinking about, it’s very likely God’s calling you to ministry.

4. A Passion for the Job:
The final indicator for a call to ministry is a deep-rooted passion for the type of ministry God’s calling you. That could be mission work, pastoral work, church administrative work, worship ministry, or any other position in the light of ministry leadership.
If this sounds like you, and you have a genuine love for what God is calling you to, that’s a strong indicator that you’re being called to full time ministry.

5. Visions and dreams:
I have had personal encounters in dreams and in those encounters I would see myself standing before multitude preaching the gospel and in some I will be laying hands on people and I see them receiving their deliverance. Though I am not into a full time ministry but I am actively involved.

Your dreams are expression of what should be your realities sometimes. So please pay attention to your dreams and seek for God’s direction.

We’re you blessed? then share as a means of evangelism to bless others.

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