Protocols For An Encounter!

What will you do if your wall suddenly disappears and you see Jesus walk into your room.
You jump out of your bed and prostrate before His majesty…you don’t want to blow this up…right?
Well, not too bad.
But reading through God’s word, I discovered that God gave a personified instruction to those He encountered on how to maximize their encounter with Him.

For instance, when Moses stumbled on God in a bush, what opened him up to the first utterance from God was a “turning aside”. And even though he was admitted into the encounter by this gesture, one of the instructions given him was that he should get no closer.
However, in the encounter of John, it was an instruction to “come up hither”, i.e, “come close”.
In the same vein, When Paul had his first encounter, he fell on the ground and remained there throughout that encounter. But when Ezekiel tried to hit the ground, he was instructed, “…stand on your feet and I will speak to you…”

So for as long as Ezekiel was on the ground, he was shut out of the utterances of God, and he was about to waste an encounter.
It means that in our engagements with the Lord, our postures are different.
It is all of us that will give ourselves to the ministry of the word and prayer. It is all of us that will fast and read books, but our proportions would not be the same…it is the Lord that defines that for each individual.
What God showed Paul was different from what He showed Ezekiel and what He showed Isaiah was different from what He showed John…so their postures of engagement were different because their end points were different…and their use were different.

It is the one that called us that would chose the kind of posture He desires of us when engaging Him. And whatever modes he gives us is designed to fine tune us into that very shape that would make us most useful to the kingdom.
We must therefore go back to the Lord and reecho that prayer that escaped the lips of Paul in the day he was encountered; “what will you have me do, Lord?”

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