Many years ago, a man was led by the Lord to give a land to Baba Abiye(as he was fondly called), he went to him told him as he was led.
Baba said take me to the land, on getting there, it was a land divided into two, to the right was one used for farming and to the left was the one he intended giving to the Lord. Baba was at the middle, then he heard the voice of God.
He said to that man, the one to the right is the one that God wanted not the one you want to give to Him, the man burst into tears that the one to the right was his livelihood because of the farming activities on it.

Something mysterious happened, Baba Abiye stretched his hands to the land with farm produce, he roared in prayers and decreed, everything on the right moved to the left and everything on the left moved to the right, right before their very eyes.
The matter was sorted,transfer of wealth.
I often say, Baba Akande was to me not blind reason being that, his spiritual sight is sharper than the flood light in the stadium.

A young man was taking him to the mountain one morning(5.00am), Baba told the young man, don’t you see that there is trap where you’re about to put your leg, the man looked and saw the trap(pakute) meant to catch animals.
The young man due to ignorance said Baba since you can see why didn’t you go to the mountain yourself.
You see, the depth of this Baba is his ability to control his temperament. I learnt one singular thing from the word of the man who narrated this to me, Baba Abiye humility is contagious.
He once said if Jesus could be patient with me why should I be in a haste to judge others yet he was not versed in theological education.

This Baba know God beyond information, he had the revelation knowledge of the person of God.
A man was taking Baba to the mountain one day when he suddenly felt pressed, he told baba to sit down on the rock while he quickly go into the bush, to defecate.
When he returned, he saw a giant python standing behind Baba Akande, the man filled of fear started telling Baba not to move but Baba shut him up saying when you went into the bush since, the Lord sent this python here to protect me from wild animals from attacking me.
What you are reading is as real as the day, egbon Pastor Funsho Akande is much more alive, there are many more people who will tell you deeper things.

A woman close to 60years came to the Abiye mountain many years ago, she was told baba was tired after days of ministration that she would have to wait till the next day, the woman so full of faith insisted that she wants to see Baba, she was told he was in the bathroom.
She went close to the makeshift bathroom, saw the water coming out of it, took some and drank, that was how forty years of barrenness was destroyed.
Let me stop here, what is the secret of this father, Prayer, Godology and Spiritual calmness.

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