So you find out that negative things are happening around your family… Every time money comes, everybody become sick till the money goes down.
Just calling a family meeting it’s not a way of solving it.
You go back at least for tonight, I am a spirit, body I’m not going to be deceive by what is happening. (tongues)
You need to get into that decision room, that boardroom in the spirit.
What is going on over my destiny within that boardroom?

If you don’t plant anything in the farm something will still grow.. Because you’re not the only farmer around your farm..
The Bible says while men slept, another farmer who was waiting for them to sleep.
Do not believe you are the only farmer over your destiny… There is a devil waiting there to put seed. So you go to bed and reap a harvest you can’t remember sowing.
No! I can’t reap what I did not participate in the spirit, it is again the law of God.
I should reap what I sow, ah… but did you not know that your ignorance is also a farmer?
It can sow! Ignorance can sow. Ephesians 4:18; Having their understanding darkened, being alienated from the light of God through the ignorance that is in them.
That ignorance can alienate you, please hear me you’re going to pray.
That it be done in earth as it is in heaven.
So God created me I’m not just an engineer or a doctor, don’t be deceived by the geography of your assignment.
Don’t be deceived by male or female. all those things do not matter in the realm of the spirit.

God separated a man to become male and female simply because he wanted to act out a dimension of his love.
I hope you know both male and female dimensions of God?
He separated them to achieve two reason
1⟩ Procreation so that they will fill the earth.
2⟩ So that they will be the clearest example of relationship between God and man.
So if you don’t study women there is a dimension of God you would never know.
No wonder both them and Holy Ghost are called helpers.

When you just speak because you had someone speaking, your speaking makes no sound in the realm of the spirit. until there is light, because it is in his light that we see light.
And when we now see that light then we can speak, we can command.
Prayer is many things, among them is the opportunities that God gives you to go to the warehouse yourself.
But who shall ascend? And then he came down to you.
The word of God is his possibilities coming down to you.
So that there is no more complain I cannot go to heaven to find out what is there.
This Bible is a compendium of God’s commitment to you.
That if you find any truth there, God is committed, the word of God is the boundary of his commitment to the believer.

So I find here (Bible) that I am the head and not the tail.
I find here (Bible) that I’m above and not beneath.
But I’m the only one reading it the person looking at me is not reading it, he’s not even interested.
It is left for me to activate the possibility that compel them to do what the word of God has said.
And one of the key for tonight is PRAYER.
That prayer is not just an activity of exerting effort so that you will feel spiritual.

Prayer is not just a way of trying to manage guilt or feeling like you are not been serious with God.
The urgency is more than that.
That every time you pray many things happen.
One of it is given an opportunity for the Holy ghost to search the mind of the father.
And when he searches the mind of the Father, he would open the file where the archive of your destiny is.
And because you have now been joined to him, that he that is joined to the spirit is one..

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