The first thing you must never neglect, is praying in tongues deliberately, whether it is conducive, convenient or not convenient, you must pray deliberately.

The second thing you must never neglect if you want to be used by God is your work for holiness. The holy Spirit is a holy personality, and as you are working with him, he will begin to show you aspects of your life that does not glorify him, so that you can make adjustments.

God will bless you by righteousness not through corruption, so have it in mind that you can win by righteousness.

The third thing is that you should make a deliberate practice of obedience because the God we serve happens to be a king and he will be giving you directives , and as long as you do not consider him worthy to obey, you will never share in the authority of his kingdom.
One kind of money will come into your hands when everything is tight and that is when you will hear God saying, “Give me that money”, and you need to be crazy to obey such instruction, and I assure you that your life will change drastically from that particular exercise of obedience.

Hearing and obeying God will make you access the grace that makes everything easy and you will become something that nobody in your family has ever been.
When you see people that are under genuine pressure and you Know that you have the ability to bring that person out of that situation, please make sure your hand is involved in easing men out of tight corners.
The reason why God will anoint you is because someone is oppressed somewhere and he needs you to bring that person out of oppression and that is why he anointed you. Many people have used their anointing to fight destinies , instead of helping them to stand strong, rise well and deliver people out of tight corners.
So make up your mind to be that hand that God will use to deliver people from tight corners and captivity.

© Acts of the Remnant

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