Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth

I have said that Brother Wigglesworth had a
strong sense of humor.
As an example, the following
rather amusing incident was related to me by an Assembly pastor:
During a convention meeting in his church, there was a full congregation of people and a number of ministers sitting on the platform.

Brother Wigglesworth, being one of them, was seated next to this pastor.
On one side of the hall, there was an old lady, a simple soul, evidently full of the joy of the Lord.
She kept repeating the phrase, “Glory-lujah.”
Brother Wigglesworth couldn’t quite make it out, so he asked the pastor, “What’s the old lady keep saying?” The pastor replied, “She keeps repeating, “Glory-lujah.”
“Well,” said Brother Wigglesworth, “just go down and tell her to say one thing or the other.”
There was a period when Brother Wigglesworth believed with all his heart that he would not die, but would live on to see the Rapture.

He used to talk albout living on, even though now, he was
well past his eightieth year.
On this issue, a friend once took him to task; “All very well, Brother Wigglesworth, that you talk about living on, but where’s your authority?
The Bible says, The days of our years are three-score
years and ten.. 70 years; and if by reason of strength there be more than fourscore years. But you have already had more than fourscore years.”
“Where’s it say that?;” asked Brother Wigglesworth
“In the 90th Psalm.” The friend replied. “Well,” replied Brother Wigglesworth, “what are you bothering about? I’m not living in the 90th Psalm; I’m living in the 91st: With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.”

Some time after this, we were dining together with Brother Watson, pastor of Blackburn Assembly.
To Brother Watson, I said, “You know, Brother Wigglesworth is going to live on. He is living in the 91st Psalm that says, “With long life I will satisfy him.”
“That’s right,”
said Wigglesworth, “‘but I’ve got another scripture now.'”
“What’s that?”
Then came his reply: “Genesis, chapter 6, verse 3: Yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty
Humorously, Brother Watson said, “You’ve made rather a mistake there. Now we know how long you are going to live. You’ve put a ring around it. You’ve limited yourself.”
Well,'” said Wigglesworth, “maybe when I’ve lived 120 years, I’ll feel like I’ve lived long enough; but if I’m not satisfied, I’ll just go back to the 91st Psalm: With long life will I satisfy him and shew him My salvation.”

(From the book, ‘Smith Wigglesworth; Remembered’ ~ by longtime best friend, Willie Hacking)

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