Many of us have forced ourselves into the prophetic office, we force ourselves into something we are not called to do and we are forcefully trying to be it, that is not how it works, because there is something you will receive from heaven that makes you it and that is why the Bible said that we are able ministers, not disabled, but you will be disabled if you have not been commissioned.

Please stay where God has placed you untill he increases the intensity and momentum that flows from your belly.
Part of my apostolic capacity is in the ability to ground and be established as a teacher and if I come to a place of worship, I will definitely know what is lacking in their doctrine, am not boosting, rather am just telling you the ability I have from the holy spirit, the church life of people that listens to my message, their church expression has changed because it is what am called to do and I didn’t made myself like this, it is the anointing of God upon my life that made me so.

Many of us don’t Know the anointing we carry, we are trying to be like someone else, when you should try to discover what you are called to do.
I started liking my ability of being able to teach and God now said to me, you are not just called to be a teacher, you are called to be an Apostle and that is when i knew that I was called into the apostolic ministry and God trusted me with alot of things because I was building capacity for it.
You are more reliable in your prophetic ministry if you are adequately grounded in the teaching ministry.
Never force yourself into what you are not called to do, because if you do, it won’t end well.

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