We live in days and times when so called ministers who are to order the steps of the body of Christ, have become custodians of patterns and structures that are foreign to the kingdom of God.
A generation have risen, a generation full of pseudo worshippers and pseudo ministers.

A generation that know about the Lord but know not the Lord.
A generation whom it’s cathedrals are full of men, but empty of the Spirit.
Full of scriptures and letters, but empty of the word and life.
A generation that body in revelation but lack the truth.
Full of ourselves, but empty in Christ.
Full of ambition, empty of burdens.
But a generation will arise, for this be the men that that will restructure the laid down ideologies, systems and protocols that have built babel and mammon within the church.

Oh would the Lord still find men when He returns!
Would He still find ministers when He return.
May it not be found amongst us, that the Word of God would be scarce.
Can we pray!

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