PROPHECY: WHAT TO EXPECT – Apostle Arome Osayi

Apostle Arome Osayi

The five nations of interest I have mentioned (Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Ghana,& Nigeria) in Part II of this series are not SUPERIOR revivalist nations. They are SPECIMEN revivalist nations chosen by an act of God’s sovereignty. They shall therefore act as contact points, training and deployment centres. They shall host and distribute massive revival infrastructures across the African landscape which will in turn overflow to the ends of the earth. For no square inch of the African continent shall be left untorched!
As long as individual believers and groups of believers across the body of Christ in the nations of Africa, embrace consecration and fully open up their reins for deep and continual purging by the holy fires of the Lord’s presence, the Lord’s outstretched arm would pound on the demonic installations in these nations. Thus, giving heavenly cover to the earthly expansion of God’s kingdom.
This shall manifest in the following ways (these are not exhaustive but mostly pointers):

  • The upending, changing and rearranging of the political sphere by the hand of God across the African continent. (We have started witnessing pockets of these already. What shall occur in the coming days shall cause many a soul to marvel)
  • Great revivals are usually accompanied by economic booms. The widespread turmoil currently experienced on the continent shall be overturned. The five nations of interest shall especially highlight these possibilities.
  • Mighty open doors of ministry for pure platforms across the African continent which would spread to the whole world
  • Grounding and decommissioning of polluted platforms — with palpable evidences. Some would shut down completely. Others would simply become irrelevant.
  • The African church would arise in strength and shine with the unprecedented brilliance of God’s glory never before experienced on earth
  • Africa shall become the missions capital of the world!
    I shall share some more with you as the Lord permits.
    Get your consecration up. It’s time to burn like never before. The Lord is with you.
    Many blessings
    Your brother,
    Arome Osayi.

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