Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman, the founder and senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministries International ministered at the Sons Of Archbishop Benson Idahosa Conference 2022. He spoke about the person of Archbishop Benson Idahosa and revealed that one of the things he got from him was Courage.

He then spoke about how some ministers promised to silence him in 2017. He said, “In 2017 some ministers called me to Abuja after I spoke about killings on National scale. They sat me down, drew out a bag of money and told me to shut up. They also drew out an AK-47 gun and a newspaper and asked me to choose three. That either I take the money or I go by the remaining two. They then said that if I don’t do that, in the next one year, they will make sure I don’t hold a microphone in this country again. Keep your mouth shut.”

He then revealed what he told them. He said, “And I said to them that I never knew that what I said was a big deal but now I want to start talking. If you want to come for me, you are very free to bother yourself because I am going to keep talking. And I kept on speaking.”

He then said that he has a revelation in 2018. It was around March which was close to his birthday and he saw Archbishop Benson idahosa. In that revelation, he was praying and crying and Papa said, “Look at what is happening in the church; Look at what is happening in the country and the Ministers are silent. It is time for them to say something, to stop Herod, Pharaoh and wickedness.”
Finally, he said that Papa also said something that broke him. He said, “If I were here, it will not be so.” He then said that he came forth out of revelation and began to make declarations.

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