WHO IS THE HOLY SPIRIT-Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

I started my journey with God not looking for fame, not looking for power, not looking for ministry. It was a blind but a sincere pursuit. That if there was more in God, then peradventure my life could be a revelation of that more even to a generation.
I went to church and I found out that while preachers preach, they preach powerful messages and while they were preaching I saw sick people, while they were preaching I saw confused people, oppressed people and yet they open scriptures, they spoke intelligently about the love of God, they spoke articulately about the power of God —His power to heal, to deliver.

And when they share the grace, I saw sick people walking back sick. We ended the average church service like this: May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ we said, then we say the love of God, the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and we confess that it should rest and abide with us and yet people walk as though they were leaving a funeral.

Where was the power, where was the grace? Something is missing somewhere. I had the opportunity to meet a few veterans of the gospel. I asked them questions about the Holy Spirit. They waved it with some theological answers and I said no, no!
One day I picked a book called God’s Generals. I opened it and couldn’t close it again. It was as though I was reading about my relatives. I said this is it! This is what I’ve been trying to seek. Men who subdued kingdoms, shut the mouth of lions. Then I began to study the history of the church in Nigeria. And I came across strange men like Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa, men who shook this nation. Men like Apostle Babalola who carried power with God. And I said something is wrong with your body oh God.
When did we reduce the power of God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit to a theological decitation, where did we hide the demonstration of His power? We call it the house of God, we claim God is there and yet people come and they are not changed.

Today we have written books about the Holy Spirit and yet we do not know Him. We have organized conferences after His name, yet we do not know Him. We have packed crusade grounds and we’re utterly disappointed. And revealed from our flaws, the disconnect as far as our relationship is with Him. To the point where we do not even know His power again.
We see Him move and we’re not sure He’s the one. And yet I read from scripture and I studied from history that He was the force behind the rising of people. He was the one who lifted politicians like Daniel, lifted men like Joseph, empowered women like Mary, strengthen men like Elijah. How would we want a great destiny ignoring His ministry and presence?

God did not give us a religion, it was an experience — it still is. An experience introducing us to this personality that has been misunderstood. We call Him a bird, He is not a bird. We call Him wind, He’s not wind. We call Him fire, He’s not fire.
The Holy Spirit is God. Why is He so important that Jesus had to wait for His arrival to begin His ministry. Jesus, the logos of God remained so impotent until He the Holy Ghost arrived. Having mentored His disciples for three and half years, Jesus said, tarry. Do not use zeal to start. Tarry until He comes. He’s so important, wait until He comes.
If everybody that was Rightly used of God happened through the Holy Spirit then even our generation must carry His presence in order to live a life worthy of God’s calling.

Koinonia is a place, where you can meet the Holy Ghost, I met him and He changes my life…
The Holy Ghost wants to re-Introduce himself to people in this place. For many of you who do not know Him, you heard people talking about the Holy Ghost.
He is the one behind the Progress of this ministry. He’s the one behind the anointing, He’s the one behind the Prosperity…
If you stop chasing the things you’re looking for and you find him. He is worth more than Gold and He’s the answer to what you’re looking for.

Paul prayed and said, May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Love of God And the Koinonia, The fellowship, The participation, The marriage, The oneness, The intercourse of the Spirit.
Who is the Holy Ghost to you? Listen; Until now Who or what is the Holy spirit to you? Do you know him? Do you even believe in his Person? Do you believe in his Ministry?
Do you know The Holy Ghost took Saul and produce a king out of him? Do you know the Holy Ghost took Deborah and make a Wonder out of her?
Do you know the Holy Ghost turn Jesus (the word) into a baby? He made God become a baby. He’s that powerful. He made God to become A baby and put him in the Womb of a Woman without surgery.

He made Saul the Wonder that he became.
The Holy Ghost made Arch bishop Benson Idahosa, The Holy Ghost took Smith Willsgglesworth From a plumber and made him an Apostle of Faith out of him.
The Holy Ghost took a weak woman like Kathryn Kulman and made a Wonder out of her.
The holy Ghost took an ordinary businessman called Walmart and Made him the World 50th richest person.
Why did you limit him? Why do you Limit him? Why do you underestimate his power?

I watch Kathryn kulman grow and she said I don’t want to live five minutes without the Holy Ghost, I didn’t understand what she was saying (songs)
Listen it’s not Normal to see an Ordinary person doing Extra ordinary things.
Can you not see that there is a force that can produce Faith out of a man, What makes some people not doubt?, What makes others Strong?.
We have neglected Him and we are looking for Prosperity, We’re looking for Power, We’re looking for Titles.
Listen; Jesus said I can do Nothing of my Own but as I see my Father, the Holy Ghost directed Jesus Christ and brought him to the place of power.
Do you realize That you can do nothing without him? Oh, If you could hear His voice. Many things in your Life will come into order.

There are many of us today We’re confident That today, We’re going to heaven, Tomorrow we didn’t even know Again,
You’ve said Oh Lord Can you open the Bible to me? Oh yes, the Bible says that Jesus said that when He, the Spirit of Truth is Come, He will guide you into all Truth, He will teach you and bring to your Remembrance.
I have many things to share with you but we will not bear them now. Howbeit when the Spirit of Truth, The Bible Calls him the Spirit of Truth. He won’t Lie to you.
If He tells you your Life is Blessed, He can make you become Blessed. If he tells you that you will Marry, He can make you Get Married…

“Tonight we’re going to Cry, Holy Ghost re-introduce yourself to me”
Trust him, He can lead you to Destiny, He can lead you to your wife, He can lead you to your Husband, He can lead you to your Miracles. I believe in his Ministry. He can show you what’s wrong in your family.
He can tell you what to do, I’m telling you; He will tell you what Keys to use. Isaiah 30, and thou shall hear a voice from behind thee Saying, this is the way, Walk in it and as a results you will find rest for your soul. He can teach you.

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