“I SEE JESUS IN YOUR EYES”- Reinhard Bonnke

Reinhard Bonnke
Reinhard Bonnke

The Holy Spirit has taken residence in you and wants to move in your life with power. He wants to connect with every member of your being and with every faculty of your soul. Surrender–your tongue, your body, your
mind, your will and even your eyes–and people will see Him in you.
YEARS AGO, MY MUSIC MINISTER AND I WERE SHOPPING FOR a new keyboard. It was noon as we entered a big music shop in Johannesburg, South Africa. The salesman took no notice of us as we tried out all the keyboards.

Suddenly, the salesman appeared. He seemed to be in a state of shock as he said to me, with eyes wide open, “Sir, I can see Jesus in your eyes!” What? The Holy Spirit had entered that shop. We forgot all about the keyboard and had a revival instead. But when I was walking back to my car, I kept saying, “Lord, I will never understand. How can a total stranger walk up to me and say, ‘I can see
Jesus in your eyes?’” Suddenly, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Jesus lives in your heart, and sometimes HE LIKES TO LOOK OUT OF THE WINDOWS.”

I laughed and cried. What glorious truth! I got the point. Years later, I met the wife of the salesman who told me that her husband had followed
Jesus for the rest of his life. Praise God.

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