Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

In the mood of celebrating this man of God we decided to do a little throwback!!!

Read and be blessed!!!

We casually went to study in ABU Zaria but God got the best of almost all of us that got admitted in that season…

The one thing we all had in common was that, we  found that all of us in that season, began to lose hunger for our studies. We began to hunger and pursue after God more normal.

We were so hungry…so much that we stayed in Chapel premises for long hours. Back in the days in ABU, there was this place around chapel called…”Court”.

It was actually a Lawn Tennis Court but  was abandoned and used instead for prayers. People began to pray, grow in the spirit and wait on God right there for days…

People cried, they danced, they sang and fell down weeping and calling the name of the Lord right there at The Court.

Alot of times, people don’t leave that lawn tennis court until they saw God…

Back then, I remember strange spiritual beings use to appear to people when they went to court to pray…
My good friend by name Kazayet Bagai also joins them sometimes. And he comes to tell me stories on how Apostle didn’t have call credit and after the glory realm by faith, he will use his phone to make calls and send text messages.

At that time, the manifest presence of God was not so common like it is now…

Fast forward again to a time Apostle Selman became the prayer secretary of Engineering Fellowship and Prophet Janfa was also an official I think PRO if am not mistaken. This was the time when Apostle
became very close friends with people like Bishop Stan and later with Pastor Timothy  Adeyinka….

Back then in school I was a book worm but then I loved and admired Engineering students fellowship and FCS too…
No one goes to that court and not have an encounter…I remember one of my friends and I who is now a prophetic psalmist went there for an encounter…

That was the first time I had ever had an encounter with an Angel. I couldn’t believe that such spiritual beings existed.

After the second crusade we had in masaka, we had a dinner to celebrate the success. We also went for another crusade in Pankshin, after we finished the crusade, there was no money to pay for the instruments we rented…I remember how Apostle was almost dragged to the police station at the time.
I watched him so closely…even the way he walked, I watched how he talked, how he sang, how he laughed and prayed…

There was just something about him even though he didn’t look like it at the time, but then I felt it inside so strong and  I kept watching.

Apostle Selman became the music director of FCS and during that time, the theme of FCS was Dominion and I remember that time how Apostle Selman wrote a song called dominion and taught the choir(FCS mass choir).  The song was very powerful. I still remember the lyrics of the song till now…

It is amazing how I am writing this testimony on E.N.I (KOINONIA) year of Dominion… It must be a cycle that has been covered.

I kept paying attention to this personality for just no reason that I know of then but now I know better.
We humans can be very funny, we love success, we love fame, we love shiny people but we never pay attention to people of process.

I see many people today who claim they love Apostle Selman when in truth, they love his success!.

If not because i paid attention to the  man God was training who looked like nothing, i would have missed a great man of destiny.

If you are in your time of process, no one cares or come close to you but then the moment you are a success, they begin to chase you.No wonder it is hard for God to raise a man.
While Apostle Selman was the Engineering student’s prayer secretary, he  became the prayer secretary of the General Engineering student fellowship body of all schools in Nigeria.

It is amazing but i don’t know why God kept showing me things about him. I was very quiet but I paid attention to what God was showing me even though it didn’t look like anything that time.
I began to attend FCS fellowship and I noticed Apostle Selman was in FCS at that time as well. Apostle was selected as the prayer secretary of mass choir, the choir arm of FCS fellowship.

Most times Apostle was the one assigned to sing the songs, he was very good in every song he was given to sing.

I picture the way he sings now as compared to before, it makes me appreciate the process and  how God raises great men.

Why God kept showing me the process of the making of this particular man back then, now I understand better and I am very thankful to God that i paid attention to what He was showing me.

Human beings never pay attention to people that are not successful or looking classy, they only pay attention to people that seem to be having it all.

You must know that at that time, Apostle Selman didn’t have followers, he was a man that just loved God and served God… *People were not regarding him or FOLLOWING him.*

They were not paying attention to him because he looked normal. The Holy Spirit somehow made a zoom on him and I watched him closely and all the step by step workings of God in his life.
*The Apostle Selman you see today did not just fall from heaven… He is a man of process and dealings…*

He went through many challenging situations that will break any man but he refused to be stopped. Not many people can go through what he went through and yet still serve God…

Those were very challenging times for him in the past but he never allowed those challenges weigh him down.

He has always been addicted to God. I watched him very closely, he would do nothing except God is involved.

He had a particular seat under one mango tree, he  sits on that seat for hours waiting on God…It is sad that most helpers God sends to us don’t look like it initially. Most of us claim we love super stars but yet the helpers you need, you have not noticed.

As i tell you this story, some of us have to repent on how we treated our helpers/teachers/pastors that don’t look like it. *Let’s  continue our story:*
I noticed that as he spent more and more time in the presence, God made everything work out for him.

Apostle is a highly disciplined man and a man of character…He hates poverty and he also hates seeing people poor and struggling.

I remember how he began to teach us about money and we were the first set of people he ever trained in FOREX Trading.

He began with only three of us and then we increased to 5!.

For many of us,the reason why we don’t go deep in God is because we are not hungry enough.

*I will soon get to the point where I’ll allow questions you may have about Apostle. Whatever you want to know about Him, you can freely ask.*

But let’s finish this first. *Lest I forget…for some of you that are genuinely hungry, I will pray for you and you will see Jesus.*

Some of you will go to Heaven…

Some of you will see Angels…But these all depends on how open your heart is!
We were managing everything and there was not so much money to do so many things…

Back then, we sowed and sowed but yet the money was never sufficient. But one thing that stands out about Apostle was that he was a serious man of faith.
I remember how Apostle will sleep through out the night in a computer  center,  you must know that at that time there was no android or fone to browse…..I don’t think it is by chance that God gave apostle the anointing he gave him…….because apostle is very humble…..
What is wonderful is that all of us that were with apostle actually became great and amazingly we knew ourselves….*I began to walk in the prophetic in zaria, seriously but then I will also be looking at apostle because I admire his wisdom*
*Apostle’s wisdom is one in a million………*

Apostle is super wiser than his age and ministry……

*I remember how we use to hang out with apostle around chapel  for close to 5years……*

Apostle will always  advice us, teach us…. counsel us…….

Everyone that hangs around apostle increased spiritually.


1)He was and still is a man of faith.
2)He loves God.
3)He is not a hypocrite.
4)He is a dangerous giver.
5)He cares about the feelings of people.
6)He is very kind.
7)He truly loves people.
8)He is very sacrificial
9)Very passionate
10) very understanding
11)very Disciplined.
12)very courageous.
13)very interesting.

Happy birthday sir from all of us at LFS.

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