Nigeria 2023 elections: Christian leadership oppose Muslim-Muslim presidential, guber tickets

Can president

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has again warned political parties to bury the thought of the same religion tickets for 2023 elections.
CAN, in a statement on Friday, announced it was against Muslim/Muslim presidential flagbearers.
“We want to unequivocally state that it is a threat to the fragile peace and unity of Nigeria”, said Joseph Daramola, the National Secretary.
The body said a balance of both religions should be considered in the choice of running mates of candidates.

“We do not subscribe to Christian/Christian ticket or Muslim/Muslim ticket. Politicians can talk politics but we have stated our views long before now.
“Any party that tries same religion ticket will fail. This is not 1993. Even when we have joint Muslim/Christian ticket, the church still goes through hell.”
Daramola said only God knows the number of Christians that have been killed in the last seven years with no one apprehended or prosecuted.

“Imagine how bad it will be if we have two Muslims in power? The extant Nigerian Constitution promotes religious balance.
“If any political party wants to try a Muslim/Muslim ticket, it is at its own peril. CAN is only forewarning, but will make a categorical statement in the event our warning is not heeded ”
CAN argues that any party which eventually decides to use the same religion ticket do not bother about the unity of Nigeria.

The scribe asked those planning a Muslim/Muslim ticket to rethink as there are good and patriotic Christians in all parties.
“If merit and competence are used as yardsticks, we have many qualified Christians in all the 774 Local Government Areas of this country.”
The Christian leadership again lamented President Muhammadu Buhari’s “refusal to break the monopoly or dominance of the security architecture with people of the same faith”.

“We are all seeing the outcome now. It is obvious that the Nigeria of today is different from that of 1993.”
CAN also warned politicians to stop flouting the constitution by respecting the North and South dichotomy and religious factors.

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