Kathryn Kuhlman
Kathryn Kuhlman

You’ll never know how I feel, all people see is the glamour—the white dress. They don’t see the hours in prayer, the heartache. It’s a hard, hard ministry. I’m overwhelmed by God and His power. When I come out on stage, there is an anointing that comes on me, and it is very difficult to explain. These things are supernatural.

That’s the reason it is so hard for the natural mind to comprehend. But there is an anointing that comes upon me. I am completely taken over by the Holy Spirit—just completely. But there is a price you pay. You cannot expect an anointing for four hours during a service if for 20 hours you have lived a different life than one totally consecrated to Him. And He gives you this wonderful anointing, but I still have nothing to do with these miracles.

Hear this, The only time my father “Joe Kuhlman” attended church was on holidays and special services. He never prayed or read the Bible, he died without ever hearing me preach. After his death, I often invite my mother for services.
After the close of the first meeting Kathryn’s mother attended, Kathryn went into the prayer room behind the pulpit to pray for those who had answered the invitation. A few minutes later, her mother walked into the prayer room and told her she wanted to know Jesus as she knew him.
Kathryn, choked with tears, reached out and laid her hand on the back of her mama’s head. The moment her finger touched her, mama began to shake, then cry. It was the same kind of shaking and crying that Kathryn remembered when she stood beside mama in that little Methodist church in Concordia. But this time there was something new.
Mama lifted her head and began to speak, slowly at first, then more rapidly. But the words were not English, they were clear, bell-tone sounds of unknown tongues.

Kathryn fell on her knees beside her, weeping and laughing at the same time… When mama ‘Emma’ opened her eyes, she reached out for Kathryn and held her tightly. It was the first time that Kathryn could ever remember being embraced by her mother.
Her mother couldn’t sleep for three days and two nights after that incident. She was a new person, Kathryn said, and right until her last breath of life on April 18th, 1958, Emma Kuhlman had a wonderful, sweet communion with the Holy Spirit.
This can be your experience too, a long lasting fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

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