“How Long Will You Keep On Running?”

"How long will you keep on running?"

During my 200L in school, the lodge where I lived got some new tenants, amongst them were members of a dreaded cult group. Every night especially Friday night they gather in one of the rooms to hold their meeting. The moment they got to know that a Pastor is living in that lodge the oppression increased, the more I adviced and talked to them, the more they intensified their activities…..

Before the end of the semester I was the only one in the compound who wasn’t a member. Some brothers from the campus fellowship I attended cautioned me to park out. After few weeks of getting another lodge, I noticed a strange atmosphere around my next door neighbour, I made few enquiries and got to know that he is the Leader of the cult group I ran from. My heart sank immediately, I began to look for how to leave there also, then a Voice spoke to me”How long will you keep on running?” “Light doesn’t run from darkness” “The more you run the more your light grows dimmer”.

So I decided to stay and face it, whenever he begins his incantations in the night, I will lay my hands on the wall demarcating our rooms pray in the Spirit till the next morning. It continued like that until one of the nights he and the rest of the members ran out calling the attention of everyone to come see the image of the CROSS with flames around it. I kept on praying, registering and lifting up the power of a Priest. At the end of it all my attention was called upon to pray for them, when his boys saw me they explained what happened in the former lodge. Thanks be to God that before we left school all of them encountered Jesus and became soul winners.

Beloved, Why am I sharing this ?
There is an Inherent Power in us that can only be put to work by prayers.
Don’t tell God to do what he already gave you the power to do.
Darkness is not getting stronger, it is our Light that is growing dimmer.
Your family will remain in darkness until someone with the Light comes….
Gloominess will parade your life until you rise…
How long will you keep on running and complaining when the Power and Authority to change things has been giving to you already?
It is time to remove that bushel covering you from shining!
It is time to release the POWER inside of you.
Awake! Awake! Put on thy Strength of Daughter of Zion.
Elijah! Enough of the excuses,
Elijah! Enough of the runnings,
You just haven’t ascended enough.
-Evangelist Prince Ekeke

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