Apostle Michael Orokpo
Apostle Michael Orokpo

The fight for doctrine has no end, better give up on it and have some rest
Jesus Christ will encounter people not because their doctrine is right but because their heart is desperately seeking and searching for Him in love
A genuine love for God will keep you longer in your pursuit for Him than a doctrine will ever do.
The devil will never clap for you rather he will come after you to kill steal and to destroy
You must be ready and willing to fight Him to the end.
People that run away from Spiritual warfare never get rank in the spirit. We must fight to keep the faith knowing fully well that,
Everyone that is sooo bad today has a genuine called of God upon his or her life apostolically and Prophetically.
When you live in obedience to God the devil becomes your puppet but when you walk in disobedience you become the devils puppet
Let your hope not be lost, waywardness is not the end of life, carnal children can still become spiritual children. The battle is not over yet as long as you can still pray for them.
The battle is not over yet, the devil has not yet won the victory.
Surely, Everyone you see today that is so wayward has the called of God upon their lives, the degree of their waywardness determine their calling in God.
Keep on praying for them.
I see Salvation coming again.
Now they cannot resist the coming of the Lord.
For Yeshua Hamashiach is still His Name and He will come for His own soon.
May God help us all.
Much love

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