Not everybody that you see and he or she admires you should be your friend, some of you will even start calling them your convenant friend, your bossom Friend, my dear just wait until they tear you into pieces and you will leave them and look for another person, that’s not how it should be. There has to be a standard, what is your standard for having friends, what is the standard in your life for friends. Most of us don’t know the reason for friendship, every friendship or relationship has a definition.

Many of us will meet someone for the first time and within some minutes, you have already told the person everything about your life, the problems you have with your spouse, the problem you have with your pastor and the problem you have with your children, let me tell you the day you will have problem with that person, he or she will disclose everything you said to the public.

There must be a system to manage relationship, don’t generalize your relationship.

I love everybody but not everybody occupies a place in my life as far relationship is concerned because I have a system.

Major reasons for keeping friends is for spiritual contribution those friends you keep can bring to you. Can you depend on them in times of need and what is the level and magnitude of their financial commitment in your life. Any friend that cannot contribute to your life financially is not a friend.

My dear don’t waste your opportunity of being a celebrity to people who only love your gift and not you and forget the people that really matters in your life. Makes friends with people that loves and values everything about you.

There are some men of God here that are losing their core membership in the name of the world celebrating them, when the time comes they will leave you and find another alternative. When people knows that you are serious about them, they will be serious about you, they even invite people to come knowing fully well that you will not waste their time. Human being are not stupid, if they find out that you are not contributing constructive values to their lives, they may not run away from you but they will find an alternative that will serve them well.

Go back and rewrite your relationship, who are the people that has shown great honor in your life, who are the first five people that you can lean on when problems arises, my dear if you have this set of persons in your life, don’t take them for granted because they are rare gem.

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