Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth

In one occasion, Smith received a frantic phone call from a desperate woman telling Smith that her husband had passed away. In a state of panic the wife called Smith to come over and see him, when Smith arrived at the house, the wife cried out to Smith screaming in agony over the passing of her husband to which Smith replied, “tell me when your husband is, and stay in here, I will not have any unbelief in the room!” Smith entered the couples bedroom where he saw the dead man lying on the bed dressed in his nightgown, he picked up the dying husband threw him to the wall and he shouted “Live! In Jesus name!”

The dead man fell to the floor, Smith picked him back up and threw him against the wall and shouted “I said LIVE! In Jesus name!” To which the man once again fell to the floor with his eyes open… No, he didn’t come back to life, Smith threw him so hard that his eyes rolled open. Smith grabbed the man one more time and shouted “I said LIVE! In Jesus name!” And threw him one final time against the wall, as the man fell he began to cough and breathe!

The man had returned back from the dead! Smith Wigglesworth looked down at the men and said “Get up and get dressed your family thinks you’re dead!” Smith was convinced that the power of Jesus worked! Even to bring the dead back to life.

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