REVD Toluwalogo Agboola.
REVD Toluwalogo Agboola.

As we Begin to navigate through this season and we find out that we are unconcerned about that which moves Heaven,many of us will have to find out way to the altar of incense with one cry LORD BURDEN ME!!!

One of the tangent proves that a man has acquired burden is that he experience a change of perspective, he hears with the ears of Heaven,he sees with the eye of Heaven, his understanding of event in the earth Is sponsored by the witness of heaven
Sleep! sleep!! too much sleep is a sign that a man is living without burdens.When you see people been lazy with nonchalant attitude to that which Jesus seeks is a prove that he lacks burdens.

In the day a man is conscripted with burden he lies on the bed and sleeps ceases to come around until he has that measure that is apportion to that season.
One day our life in time will be summarized and the story of our stewardship would be told, what would be written concerning us?
Don’t be Soo concerned with what men says, Men can be skewed in her writing but immortals will be Soo meticulous.What will be written Concerning us when we meet Our lord Jesus that loves us and died for us.
Burdens defines a man’s movement, association,utterances, lifestyle/ Outlook.Burdens are nails that lock men into posture. A burdened man lives differently.

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