There was a time in Rome that the religious body became very compromised at various degree.
Corruption, adultery, fornication, envy and all forms of evil became the order of the day.
They move from one level of evil to another, caution was thrown to the air.
There was a priest by the name Telemachus, the horrible sight of this perversion made him withdrew into the desert.

For many years he stayed alone in the desert, reading the scripture, meditating and praying.
One day he saw a revelation where God instructed him to go back to the city.
At that time the nation have switched to a greater evil, gladiator fights, idolatry and public sex.
It was so bad that people gather at the amphitheatre daily to watch people kill themselves in a fight and have sex openingly.
The sport became the only way of entertainment.
Other priest didn’t see anything bad about it.

So, Telemachus left the desert where he had isolated, coming into Rome, there was deafening silence, no single man on the street.
Soon he had a great noise from the amphitheatre, he knew that was where the whole city have gone to.
Entering the theatre, he saw thousands of people watching blood sport, gladiators killing themselves in a fight.
He moved into the centre of the stadium and shouted IN THE NAME OF JESUS STOP THIS, everywhere became silent.
Angrily, one of the gladiators rushed towards him and pierced him with the sword, as he fell to the ground, he kept saying IN THE NAME OF JESUS STOP THIS, it is evil.
Everything Stopped as they watched him died.

While the Emperor Honorious, the Queen, his numerous concubines and the soldiers were all aghast.
The spectators left one after the other, with conviction that the Lord is against what they were doing.
The next day there was no one at the theatre to watch their fight, the city was under the grip of this conviction.

Men turned back to God.
Few days later the Emperor made a law to end gladiators fight in 391AD.
That was how gladiator fight stopped in the whole of Rome till date.
It is good that we withdraw into the secret place, it is equally great we yield to God’s leading.
Will you be the lone voice in the desert or join the Pharisee and Sadducee who rather be religious than spiritual.

Will you be an Elijah?
Will you be a Jeremiah who refused to prophesy according to the craving of the people.
Will you be the pastoral prophet like Amos?
Will you be like Ezekiel who prophesy as heaven gave him utterance?

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