Maria Woodworth-Etter
Maria Woodworth-Etter

“ After attending the leadership at Indianapolis, we went to Anderson, Indiana, to attend the dedication of the new church, which was built by the church I organized there one year before. It is a large, comfortable house. From Anderson we went to Urbana, Illinois, to visit the Daniel’s Band. The band met in Busly’s hall, which was crowded, all the standing room being taken, and hundreds were turned away. There was a number of ministers present who took part and spoke of the great work that had been done while we were there before, and was still being done by the Band. Many testified that they had been healed four months and were still well. Some has better health than ever before. Three had been healed of cancer.

We saw that the converts were strong men and women in the Lord. We next went to Hannibal Missouri, and stopped at the Park Hotel. We rented the rink, paying the rent ourselves. We had one of the hardest battles we ever fought. There was a band of false professors there. No one had confidence in them or their religion.
They rushed into our meeting and tried to run away with it. We knew nothing about them, but I saw it was counterfeit. The people of the city saw them taking such an active part and supposed we were just like them. This had the effect of keeping people away. I bore with them as long as I could, hoping that they would see that they were wrong and would walk in the light.

But none are so blind as those who will not see. I told them they must fall into line with us or fall out. They would not do either, but did everything that could be done to break up the meeting. When the people saw that we did not approve of such work, the interest increased till the largest building in the city was crowded and hundreds were turned away. The first convert was an old man, a saloonkeeper seventy years old.
Many people followed, among whom were many of the best citizens. The long altar was filled day and night. Sometimes the altar was cleared in a few minutes, all converted or healed and filled the second time, and sometimes the third. They were not only stricken down as dead in the meeting, but many miles away. One man was struck down in a trance at his home and lay in that condition for three days.

Several doctors went to see him, but could not tell what was the matter with him. He came out praising God and came to the meeting to tell all his experience.
A woman asked the Lord to show her if we were teaching the doctrine of Christ. The Lord showed her in a vision. The platform we used for a pulpit and the altar or mourner’s bench, which reached nearly across the rink, were pure white. She saw me and those who were with me clothed in pure white. On the platform she saw some earthen vessels, white as snow, and over all these was a soft cloud of glory, whiter than the driven snow. Over all the vessels she saw in shinning letters: “These are my chosen vessels bearing the pure Gospel of Christ in power.” Everything you see is pure white, the symbol of purity. She told the vision to the congregation.”

The meeting was not advertised. The people did not know what was going to be done there. The first night 23 people came. They felt that God was there. I told them that God had sent us there, and there would be a great work done, that hundreds would be saved. In a few days, the tent could not hold the crowds that would come to hear the gospel.
The Christians came from all the churches to help of the Lord against the mighty, with their prayers and with their means. They advertised the meetings largely in different ways. The interest increased every service. In about a week the tent was crowded.
The first five converts were five old persons from 65 to 75 years of age. The people kept coming to the altar to be saved and healed of all their diseases, old and young, until several thousand were happy in Jesus, and many could testify that Jesus had saved their souls and healed their bodies.

It was wonderful sight to see hundreds and sometimes thousands crowding around the tent, many times standing in the rain, trying to get near enough to hear the preached word. The Christians said we must have a larger tent to hold the multitudes. They ordered one at once, costing $1,325, with a capacity of holding 8,000 people. In a short time it was made and on the grounds ready for dedicatory service.
People came to the meetings from nearly all parts of the world. God drew by His Spirit many of His children from the eastern, western, northern, and southern states. They were baptized with power from on high. Many sailors came from all parts of the world together with the captains of the vessels. One captain and his wife were saved and 12 of their crew before they left.”

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