In Those Days, It Was Not About Getting The Largest Crowd But Becoming Full Of God.

Baba Obadare
Baba Obadare

When the great Apostole Ayo Babalola went to be with the Lord, the entire nation was in great limbo if there will ever be anyone who can operate in this great grace.
The second generation of Apostolic prophets didn’t disappoint God and men, they continued where the first generation stopped.
One man that stood out was Baba Obadare, in those days when there are no camera enhanced revival and Facebook sponsored Ad, it is either you get power or you become part of the crowd.

In those days, it was not about getting the largest crowd but becoming full of God.
If you will not tarry long in prayers and fasting, no one will associate with you.
Then came a man others thought had a disadvantage alas it’s a great ability that stood him out later in life.
In one of those long fasting and prayers, he had encounter where Jesus gave him a language, that single word was known with him all through his life.
When you hear GLORY BE TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST, you know there was going to be a great spiritual tsunami in the kingdom of darkness.
Witches, wizards and demonic powers knew they can’t operate when Baba show up.

Asking for the endowment of power and daily incubation of fire was their prayers.
They were full of power that’s why the flesh was almost absent in their lives.
It’s 9years since the great prophet have gone to be with Lord.
The pure stream prophets are on the decline today even in the Christ Apostolic Church, there is need to go back to how God started with the men of old.
The prophetic office today is experiencing a torrid because we have chosen a part that doesn’t produce the best.
God is waiting for us to come like our fathers, ONLY FAITH and HUMILITY to wait for Him.
The problem is simple, waiting to us is wasting.

We do not see our signs; There is no longer any prophet; Nor is there any among us who knows how long.
Psalm 74:9
The modern church is too pumpose, neglecting our humble walk with God is the reason the church is spiritually poor compared to our fathers.
We can claim to have money, structure and men but our fathers through their walk with God has genuine covenant that turned the world upside down for God.
Our father, Prophet Timothy Obadare would say glory be to God in the highest, witches were arrested and gave their life to Jesus.

Daddy Adeboye will say let somebody shout hallelujah healing starts in the congregation.
What happened when he does that is that heaven server is opened to him to hear clearly from God.
If you don’t know, you now know why he use to say so.
Many years ago, Prophet Obadare was praying, God gave me a covenant to run ministry as you desire.
The Holy spirit told him wherever you’re before men, say glory be to God in the highest and the whole of heaven shall come down to glorify God.
When next time you use the word, remember it’s a covenant language gotten in the place of Kononia.
Elisha prophesied when the string instrument was played, its a covenant pattern that work for men in his mode.
Walking with God, let you into covenant pattern.

I have seen preacher says outside the blood of Jesus there is no personal covenant, excuse Sir, its a lie.
Every genuine preacher of the gospel has a covenant pattern God has given to them.
Branham will not start ministering healing and deliverance until his angels arrived.
That’s not tataulogy, it’s covenant pattern.
If Apostle Ayo Babalola didn’t see the glory of God descending, he will not ministry long.
As soon as he sensed the flow of God’s presence(glory), he would start ministering.
If you think they neglected the bible you missed it.
Some ministers don’t find expressive grace until they meditate on a scripture, it’s a covenant pattern.
Covenant pattern is simply God teaching you how to personally walk with him.
Do you know Apostle Arome can’t minister when there is noise, its a covenant pattern.
My humble self have a covenant key too that those who are genuinely around me know.

You don’t get to this level without genuine walk with God.
The great faith legend, Kenneth E. Hagin came alive each after deep meditation on the scripture the Holyspirit gave to him.
This is a theological correctness that have denied us the power and God’s reality.
There are some pulpit bandits that have encroached divine benefits through extreme teaching against covenant walk with God.
If you have ever read the Psalms you will discover a tenderness of heart that found expression in those deep words.
Covenant pattern is not fetishism, calling of strange angels name.
Ministry of angel is real, Psalm 125:2, some transition use Lord while others use angels but the root word is angels.

Don’t be part of a generation that has no heritage in the kingdom gospel, they live in field, they are wild and the devil is hunting them like wild animals.
Days ago, I saw ancient keys on ancient altars, what is called the ancient mantle.
I know another father of faith is about to go home, one who carries the ancient mantle, he is over 70 and well know where the sun rises.
The days are here when men shall walk as real men once walked.
The kingdom gospel is not about noise and panache it’s about kingdom faith that unlock ancient gates.
Do you think the great Ayo Babalola just blessed the water and miracle began to happened, it was a covenant key gave to him to work in his days.

Read me again, it’s not fetishism or use of magical books that I am saying here.
Covenant pattern or key is gotten in the secret place of close walk with God within the confine of the scriptures especially the finished work.
It takes the kingdom faith to enjoy the kingdom gospel.
Kingdom provision is within the kingdom faith.
The availability of grace is in the availability of faith.

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