You Don’t Know My Story – Apostle Arome Osayi

You don’t know my story, at least I can still tell you three experiences Of ladies that were in a cult a marine, they said this pastor is causing us problems go and make him fall, you can’t make a man fall when he has found the love of God, the love will constrain, it’s a proof that you have something with God, your intimacy is currency.

When God can constrain, God can stop you but if you go all the way it means you had nothing with God. Those vows you make by the altar on your wedding day I assure you, you don’t have the ability to keep it and if God wants to help you to keep it what he does is that he causes his love to constrain you.
God will not stop creating beautiful ladies just because of you, a lot of you will see all but the love of Christ, what does it do and you begin to see how God regulates your life just because of that love of Edge you don’t want to break his heart it means you’re on the path, your journey of intimacy has begun.

The bible says let your affections be set on things that are above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God, your relationship with God must be affectionate as a proof that you have arrived the tabernacle, the operating from the secret place love of God constrains you.
If you have come to a point where God can constrain you it means that you have started touching the depths of God. A man that stays and can connect with the powers of Christ such a man will be relevant throughout his life because he operates by this Spirit of prophecy.

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