Aimee Semple McPherson

“But, oh, the call of God was on my soul and I could not get away from it. For this cause I had been brought into the world.
With each throb of my heart I could hear a voice saying:
“Preach the Word! Preach the Word! Will you go? Will you go?”
And I would throw myself on my knees, tearfully sobbing:
“Oh, Lord, You know that I cannot go. Here are the two babies and here is the home”. . . but the voice still came back, clear from Heaven: “Go! DO THE WORK OF AN EVANGELIST; Preach the Word! The time is short; I am coming soon.”

I became very ill in body and inside of one year two serious operations were performed. Each time, before going under the surgeon’s knife, and during many other times of critical illness, when it seemed as though I were going to die, I would
call the saints to pray for me that I might be delivered, but each time they prayed I could plainly hear the voice of the Lord saying: “Will you go? Will you preach the Word?” I knew that if I said, “Yes,” He would heal me. . . With my little remaining strength, I managed to gasp: “Yes—Lord—I’ll—go.” And go I did!”

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