LBS: “THE FUTURE OF A MAN” – Bro Tobi Odedina

Bro Tobi odedina


The future by definition means the good thing to come or the bad thing to come, that is, the future is something coming to pass. Either good or bad, “What is coming to you is determined by what is inside of you”. At this point, we need to cross-check who is inside of you, either God or the devil. The scriptures says, by their fruits you will know them. It means your future is good things to come if JESUS is the one inside of you because “every man’s future is not in a man himself is in a God that created a man”. In order for you to have a future of good things to come you need to invite Christ into your life.

Another important thing is that every future has its shadow. Hebrew 10:1 – For the law having a shadow of good things to come, and not the very image of the things………..

NOTE: Looking at this verse, you will notice “the law having a shadow”. I wonder why not “the shadow” which means there are many things that have shadows because the word “a shadow” means out of many shadows. I come to realise that everything that come from the spirit realm always send its shadow before manifestation until their shadow show forth, the good or bad things to come will not appear.

In the old testament, the law is the shadow of good things to come (JESUS)why in the new testament, John the Baptist is the shadow of Christ.

You will realise that shadow bear witness of what to come, either good or bad. When a man has seen the shadow of his future planned by God, he has assurance that the very image of the future will appear. So before God sent Christ, He sent John(John 1:6-10, 15)….. Verse 7, “the same came for a witness to bear witness of the light”.

Another important thing about shadow is to prepare a man in order to perform very well in the future because “PROPER PREPARATION PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE”. In order for you not to perform woefully in the future, God will send a shadow to prepare you.

John.1:34 – And I saw, and bare record that this is the Son of God…..
Looking at this verse, only thing that see and have full assurance of what is to come (future) is a shadow of that thing coming.

I noticed many people are in a wrong shadow, they are not in the very shadow of what is coming from God. If you are not in the right shadow of what God has in plan for you, you will end up in a future of bad things to come, for example, someone who is destined to be a lawyer he enter law school and from 100level he is already in the shadow of good things to come (FUTURE), such a person has assurance of becoming a lawyer. Consider it, if such a person studies accountancy and he finishes school looking for job as an accountant you will realise that such person cannot enter into the future planned by God because he is in a wrong shadow. Another point I will like to emphasize is that, when a man is in wrong shadow, grace will not be sufficient and their will no be peace of mind. So, before God bring to pass the future He plan for your life He will first send forth its shadow. When a man miss the shadow of his future he will not enter into the future planned by God.

Before any man will enter into his future planned by God for his life, he must be shaped to fit into that future. Having realise that the future of a man is not in a man but in God that made a man, then a man should not live to please anybody including himself but to please God who planned his future.

Point of emphasis:

  1. The future of a man is not in a man but in God that created a man.
  2. What is coming to you (FUTURE) is determined by what is inside of you, so you need to invite Christ into your life___Rev. 3:20 – Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.
  3. After giving your life to Christ, you need to take time to know Him. Understanding the person who Christ is

Note: Many of us want to understand our purpose in life when you have not understand the God of the purpose and understanding this is the principal thing and the understanding is DISCIPLESHIP. For you to understand God, you enter into discipleship relationship. That is, following Christ and learning at His feet is the secret into your future. Dodging discipleship is the same dodging your future. Being a believer alone, will not take you to the future planned by God for your life. Even demons believe and tremble___James 2:19

It means God will not entrust your future into your hands without discipleship relationship with Christ. The future (belongs to the risk takers, not the comfort seekers). If you seek comfort now, you will not enter into the comfort of your future “the risk takers are the real seekers”. Seeking to know Christ is all about risk, that is why Christ said “he that hateth not his father, mother, friends, family and his own life also cannot be His follower.




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